Best way to archive data?

I was planning to just use Winrar to rar up my large files and split them to 4,700,000 bytes just to perfectly fit a DVD-R/+R. After that, I will use Quickpar to make parity files to ensure that I can recover the data in case there are some corruptions. I was wondering if this is an ideal way to backup my data? If not, what is another way? Are there any specific options in Winrar that I should take a note of to best backup my data?

I also heard that using up every single bits and bytes on the DVD media isn’t good, is that true? Thanks!

I have done a similar operation w/ CD-Rs . I simply used winrar like you said to segment the files, but instead mine were only 700 meg. There is an option inside winrar to create recovery info so you don’t lose the whole archive if some goes corrupt. This does make it a little bigger and take a little more time to make the rar files, but if you want to guarantee the archive I guess it is worth it. I don’t know Quickpar, but that might be the same or better, so maybe use both! In my case all the files were already in compressed form(.mp3 files) so I just selected “store” as the compression intesity to greatly cut down on archiving time.

BTW what exactly do you need to split up that won’t fit on a single DVD?! I guess you could be doint something similar to what I did, but I only segmented my music directory b/c I wanted to maintain directory structure of artist album etc… but if I had a DVD burner things prob woulda been diff since i used 16 cds which is roughly 2+ DVDs and I coulda just split the folder in half and drag’n’dropped. But whatever, I guess you got ur reasons

GL hope this helped

Any specific options in Winrar that you used for archiving? I “tick” the test option so that after it finishes compressing, it’ll test the archives for any errors or inconsistencies.

I’d just use 7zip instead of winrar as it seems to be slightly more compression-efficient. Then again, if you don’t care about a few kbs, I guess rar is all right.

I’d make it about 1-5 MB less, just stay safe, as some space is used by the FS itself. You dont want to compress 4.7 GB and be unable to burn it, then re-archive :slight_smile: