Best way of getting album info for music on PC?

Yeah, WMP is a piece of crap when it comes to this. Any better way to get album info for stuff already ripped to PC?

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The User interface of WMP is second to none.

Let me say that again…

The user interface of Windows media player is second to NONE.

If there is something better I’ve never found it or been told about it.

Getting it to display information about CD-audio can be “Twitchy” unless you have your browser open because WMP seems to have difficulty connecting by itself to access the db that identifies the CD.

Once a CD has been played it will always be recognized.

As for WMP recognizing CD-Text (if you are inserting one of the 3% of CD’s that HAVE CD-Text information encoded) most other audio player programs don’t use CD text either.

NOW, if you are talking about mp3 playback this is where WMP is pretty good, BUT WMP does not do a good job of creating or editing ID3 tags, you can edit the information of any media you have “searched for” with WMP but it’s kinda halfassed about editing ALL the information.

that being said if you use TagScanner to create proper ID3 tags for each file before “searching” for media when WMP “finds” the media files all the information will be pre- entered.

I personally use WMP9.0 for playback, because it lets me organize
my music in any way that strikes my mood at a given moment.

I do not use it to burn discs or “rip” CD’s or anything else.
I use it ONLY for playback.


So are you saying that WMP’s database is also second to none though?

OK, can someone please help me here.

I’m happy to use WMP to rip music but is there anyway to update album info. I read somewhere that you have several servers to choose from when retrieving album data. ‘Can’t Get High Without U’ by Joey Negro for instance is nowhere to be found but I KNOW that on my last PC when I ripped it, it had all the right info. Now, it can’t find it. :frowning:


I generally do not use WMP to do ANYTHING except playback on individual computers.

I do not (intentionally) use it to “look up” things, that data is saved as part of the track metadata.

MY Ripping software (EAC) connects to a pretty good database
which allows it to identify the albums and song titles before you rip them.

One thing I do like about WMP9.0 is that if you play unidentified compressed files with your browser open it will gradually fill in the blank spots.

That part of the database of WMP works well… eventually…

It Identified a bunch of humor music that I downloaded years ago off Consumption Junction… not all of it, but enough that I had the necissary clues to look up most of the rest.

If you simply want the pertinent data to manually enter it? usually has pretty good artist/album/song title info.

That’s the one I use, it works well enough that I’m not intentionally
searching for another source.


Probably lots better than WMP or even EAC’s data is GraceNote. WinAmp connects to it and can usually fill the data by ‘profiling’ the song. I even got info on a 1973 Grateful Dead bootleg using WinAmp’s Auto-Tag.

Databases are only useful for audio that someone else has ripped and entered into the database.

I have several commercially pressed CD’s from the early 80’s that have NEVER been automatically identified by an online database.

I have a few that identify NOW when I play them in a friends computer because I personally entered the data for them myself
when I ripped them.

On “new releases” you often find albums that won’t identify.

when I got my copy of AC/DC’s “Black Ice” home it wouldn’t.

I guess I was one of the first to get home from WalMart with
a copy on the day of release… and instead of listening to it
I ripped it right away.