Best walkie talkie service in USA?

hey buddies…
i am searching for walkie talkie which supports advance feature like long distance support .can anyone give me any idea about that…?..
thank u.

I don’t know anything about those things, except that a former colleague of mine was very very fond of Kenwood walkietalkies. He used the things while biking.
Perhaps something to look into?

Nextel, but its expensive, its a cellular phone service as well as walkie talkie built in.

If you mean regular walkie talkie, get any 6mile walkie talkie radio by Motorola, and expect to get half a mile to 1 mile at best in the city, and 4-6miles in an open field. They work off channels so you can always add by buying another of the same brand.

if we’re talking about push-to-talk cell phones (instead of real walkie-talkies), then Nextel probably provides the best PTT service (not like there’s a lot of competition; i think the only other provider is Verizon Wireless).

i read something about long distance walkie talkie in a magazine. they compared some present service provider but most of them are costly . they said one company name “dingotel” is going to lunch a “2 way communication device” within few days.

Aside Nextel, AT&T and Verizon have each a cellular walkie talkie, but from what I heard from friends, its priced even higher than the already expensive nextel, and the reception isn’t as good with AT&T and somewhat comparative with Verizon.

I really dont care for verizon’s normal cellular service … CDMA is dead. I preferred my t-mobile, but they dont do 2-way. I personally dont use 2-way, it’s too expensive to justify for personal use. If you need it for business, and can write it off on your taxes, i guess it’s ok.

better to get a t-mobile phone and the 10$ unlimited text messaging honestly.

what does dingotel’s 2 way solution consists.?.plz explain in detail…bcoz i am not satisfy with present 2 way service…

hay…john…u just visit …there u can find ur desired detailed info :slight_smile: