Best "vintage" Plextor SATA drive?


I am currently looking to get a new computer and just realized that I will need SATA optical drives as my new motherboard has no ATA/IDE support.

I currently own a Plextor PX-716A. I know people have some mixed opinions about this brand/model, but for me it’s been absolutely top notch for 5+ years. As far as I know, there is no SATA version of this drive available (despite people listing these for sale in used/refurbished condition all over the place).

Anyway, I know about all the talk of Plextor going downhill over the years, etc. etc… I honestly don’t know if the 716A was made before, during, or after the decline - but for me it was perfect, as was the PX-760A that my friend owns.

My main purpose for this drive will be CD extractions, and I’ve heard that many newer drives (any brand) aren’t so great at C1/C2 error correction anymore as CD is a dying format.

So… I see that the PX-806SA and PX-810SA were the earliest SATA drives that Plextor released. I’ve tried searching the forum, but I can’t find any specific reviews about them.

Were these early 800 series drives still made during Plextor’s “better” years? Or more simply, is it a good and accurate drive for CD extractions, comparable to the 700 series?

I’ve heard that the newer Sony Optiarc drives, including the Blu-Ray ones, are pretty good at CD extractions, but I would like to stick with a Plextor for CD purposes now - especially since I am a big fan of PlexTools Pro XL and you just can’t use it completely without a Plextor drive…

Any info would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

I’m sorry, but now I’m seeing that 716SA and 760SA (SATA) drives were actually released after all(?)

It’s all very confusing as many people are not very precise when describing an item for sale.

Anyway, I was hoping the 800 series would still be good as these are still pretty easy to find in truly new condition. The same can’t be said for the 716/760 as far as I can tell…

However, I did just find this:

Here, someone claims the 760 was the last “true” Plextor ever made (not a re-branded one).

Anyway, sorry if this was a completely pointless topic, but if anyone has any input I’d still be very interested in hearing it.

And if anyone has a NOS Plextor 716/760 drive for sale, please let me know (although I’m not holding my breath).

your 716 works fine?
if yes, than take a look for …

SiI0680A - PCI to 2 Port IDE/PATA
Ultra ATA/133 PCI-to-ATA Host Controller

and use the …
SiI0680A IDE and system BIOS 3.3.08


more infos? take a search for “sil 0680” and “siI 0680”.

Actualy, there are sata versions of 712, 716 and 760 drives (that are “real” Plextor).
All Plextor drives released after PX-760A or SA are rebranded drives… so stuck with 712/716/760 is maybe the best solution ?

For cd extraction, you could have a look to Plextor premium or premium 2 drives, only cd, but maybe more widespread ? And of course “real” Plextor :slight_smile:

Edit : Plexwriter 52/24/52 may interest you too. Don’t know about the earlier 48x.

PX-755 also was a real Plextor, and it came in SATA flavour

Other option might be to find a USB enclosure and put your existing drive in it

Yep, forgot the 755 ! I was thinking to the 750, which is a rebadged Teac (not sure) :slight_smile:

760SA if you can find one.