Best video stabilizer?

I own a liteon lvw-1105(actually a presidian pdr-3222). I was wondering what is a good video stabilizer that works with this unit to bypass macrovision. I have already tried to hack the firmware using mr wizards program. It doesnt work on this unit. Too bad ,but the unit only cost 59$ after the rebate. It would be nice if an inexpensive video stabilizer were available. Any ideas?

I tried out Video Magic/ULTRA from and it works perfect.

[QUOTE=ellax;2141668]So what is the answer?

[li]Dimax Grex?
[/li][li]Sima CT?

I have both, like the Grex better.

I also purchased the Video Magic/ULTRA product from I have tried 3 different stabilizer and this is the only one that works with my 1080p high definition TV and Blue Ray. I was also amazed that it works with my TIVO that I use to backup cable shows…amazing product.

Ellax: Your name appears in this thread 4 times look who spamming who? I can honestly say I never tried the Grex because I got burnt 3 times before. The Grex has only one video input/output, no video adjustments, no contact phone number and I don’t think this company is located in the U.S. All I can say is that I am happy with what I got.

[QUOTE=ellax;2145524]There was video clarifyer from facet video but their site is really down.
Anybody know why?

For a while let’s consider the Grex is best.[/QUOTE]

I encountered the following problem too. But last time I’ve used the Grex . The quality of the recording are excellent, with no
distortion what so ever.