Best video size for CRT TV?

Hi guys!

I have a few home shooted videos in DV-AVI format. I want to convert them to XVID format. What is the best Video Size in which I should encode it. I want to see the final output on a 29" CRT TV. As a video in DVD format is different than that of VCD format and both runs fine on a TV, I am not able to decide which size gives the best output on TV. Please help.

Thank you.

What do you mean by the best video size. Are you talking in megabytes, in frame size, in compression bits???

I meant frame size and it would be nice of you if you could also mention what should be the compression bitrate.

Frame size 640×480.
A CRT TV has 480 lines of vertical resolution and is 1-1/3 times as wide as it is high. 480 × 1-1/3 = 640

Bitrate depends on what the video’s like.
e.g. lots of action? lots of colour gradients? lots of low-light scenes? All of these will make the video more difficult to encode and may require a higher bitrate for good quality.