Best video file to DVD burning program? Any help greatly appreciated!

Hi guys.
I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but this is my first post here so I hope you’ll forgive me.

My mum loves Malcolm in the Middle, and so I thought it would be a sweet idea to buy her a dvd for Christmas. However, I soon discovered that there are no MITM Region 2 DVDs in existence, and we don’t have a multi region DVD player. Bummer!
I decided that the best way round this would be to download the episodes from the internet and then to burn them to DVD for her.
So, I have a series of MITM on my hard drive in .avi files, but I’ve never really had any success with burning video files onto DVD.
I’ve used Nero a couple of times a while ago to burn episodes of Lost, but the sound track was always a second out of sync with the picture - and now I no longer have Nero on my computer.
I’ve also used DVDSanta, but there’s no way of making a root menu on it, which my mum will need, not being very technologically literate.
Feeling a little down about the whole thing now.
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!


OK let’s start by saying we can’t give help with illegally-distributed material. It’s in the rules you signed up to.

I’m sorry about your situation but my advice is for you to buy the DVDs and use something like Slysoft AnyDVD to make a backup. In doing so there’s an option to remove the region protection.

What’s your DVD player? There may be a region-free hack for that available.

Fair enough. I should have realised. Unfortunately I don’t know the DVD player type at home though, but thanks for the advice.

I don’t suppose It’ll help if I now said I need to burn some .avi files I have of my summer holiday? Also with a menu at the start?

Would be easier to buy a cheap dvd player with divx support, I think.

I agree. Nice present for your mum and these players will display a menu of the .avi files on the disc.

like they said above, the dvd player that does divx will probably be a nice cheap /simple way to play those .avi files.

“but”, if your more technical with stuff you could pick up a Original XBox Console for about the same price as a standalone dvd player that does DivX and mod it (which is free if you use the XBoxHDM program, BUT it requires HOTSWAPING! etc) and put XBMC (XBox Media Center) on it as this plays pretty much any format a PC can play (besides hi def stuff cause of CPU limitations) :wink: … plus you can play the .avi files from dvd disc “or” transfer them into the xbox from the pc and play them right from the hard drive. or if your pc and xbox is connected to a “router” you can make folder shares on your pc and the xbox can access those shares and stream the data from the pc through the router to the xbox and play the video files on the xbox itself etc etc etc

i think you get the general point :wink: … it’s your call but overall i think the XBMC route is better (especially if you have a wireless controller on your xbox and dont mind learning some basic stuff like play/pause etc etc buttons on the xbox controller) or you can get the remote controll thing for the xbox as im pretty sure XBMC works on that pretty well to… although me personally i just use a Logitech wireless controller for my xbox running XBMC.

cause basically for about the same price (even though technically a standard dvd player would be easier to use and more straight forward) you can get a device that does MORE than a standard dvd player that supports divx can… plus it’s not as picky on what files it will play unless DivX home dvd players which ususally require divx/xvid files encoded just right (like no “Quarter Pixel” Enabled etc) otherwise i heard they can act up… XBMC on the other hand plays it all pretty much :wink:

Yea hopefully his mum is going to technical college then.

GMC and Qpel options are not a problem if you make the conversions yourself and don’t select them as encoding options.

Thanks for all your help guys! Very kind of you all.

By the way NBR, I already watch stuff on my xbox just by streaming it through TVersity Media Server which sounds a bit easier. My Mum wouldn’t have even the slightest idea how to even turn my xbox on though…

Even then, there are few players which can deal with extra xvid options.