Best Video Edit Software

Hey. Im new to the forum and I was searching previous threads but i couldnt find anything about it. What is the best video editing software? Thanks.

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Maybe the best is adobe premiere, but it’s also very costly.

Take a look also at DVD-Lab Pro and TMPGEnc DVD Author.

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Maybe a bit more info is needed, are you wanting to edit video in AVI, DVD, MPEG1/2, MPEG-4 or whatever format ?

Hey. I dont really know much about the format. All i really want to be able to do is plug my camera (using the usb cable) into my computer. I want to be able to view it and be able to cut parts, add music or text, slow motion, etc?

Then I would suggest you try Ulead Video Studio or Pinnacle Studio.

Simple…The best editing software is:

  1. MPeg Video Wizard (For editing, effects & sound overdubbing).
  2. Ulead Workshop 2 (For making professional looking menus) :iagree:

I’m considering starting to do some video editing. I’ve got a bunch of home video on Hi-8 and a bunch more on miniDV. My miniDV camcorder has video and audio inputs and is said to have a “passthrough” mode in which I can simply use the camcorder to digitize video and pass it to the computer via USB2.0.

My computer is a home-built PC using an Asus P4B533E mobo, 2.54GHz P4 Northwoods processor, 1G of Mushkin 2-2-2 DDR, one ATA133 drive for the OS and applications and a second 120G 7200rpm ATA133 drive which I had been using for multitrack audio recording, but I would now use for storing the video. I’ve just purchased a BenQ DW1655 DVD/CD burner, which I will be installing soon. I’m running Windows XP Home.

I want to do two things. Please let me know what are my options (are the software packages previously mentioned in this thread all I need, or do I need more?) and the potential pitfalls.

  1. I want to edit and archive my Hi-8 and miniDV tapes onto DVD. Nice menus to take you to specific scenes would be nice, but not essential.

  2. I would like to show my kids (ages 6 and 3) the Harry Potter movies of the books that I’ve been reading them, but some parts are too scary. I want to make G-rated versions of a couple of those movies (I own legitimate versions that I bought at retail stores). On the first movie (Sorcerer’s [Philosopher’s] Stone), for example, I think the only really scary part is the scene where someone tries to get the stone from Harry at the end. If I could just edit the video from that scene, probably reusing some of the video from other parts of the scene, but leaving the audio untouched, or simply replacing scary scenes and then rewriting the original audio back along with the edited video, I think that I could show them the movie.

So, is MPeg Video Wizard enough to do that? What about DVD-Lab Pro and TMPGEnc DVD Author?

My understanding is that Authoring is the creating of menus and chapters and the ability to jump to specific scenes, have links to trailers, etc. Is that right? Are Authoring software packages typically just for authoring and Editing software packages just for editing, or do most Authoring packages also provide editing capabilities?



MPeg Video Wizard is the one especially for home movie editing.
Cutting out sections even single frames is simple.
And you can import your own soundtracks to play along with the original home movie soundtracks. :iagree:

I don’t edit video ever
My custom VB player can start and stop anywhere in a video.
That isn’t really editing.
It can play up to an offensive part then start up after it.
no mess of video clips everywhere.
Slow-motion and random play are the key options.

For basic home use (nothing fancy), Ulead Video Studio, VirtualDub, or other like softwares are fine. Some people like Pinnacle Studio, and others hate it (read comments on forum and decide for yourself.)

For more intermediate to advanced home use look at Womble Mpeg Wizard, Vegas Movie Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, TMPGenc Plus, TMPGenc DVD, etc…

For semi-professional use, Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Canopus Edius, etc…


hey, you know your editing software depends on what exactly you want to do with your video, what kinda edits…

so know I have a special project for my home video files :clap:, i wanted to make them funnier and kinda creative, put callouts, watermarks, or comments, or whatever… so i used presentavid and finnally after my work I get my video like a 3d comics :bigsmile: , so that helped my with edit… =)
if you like to test it, it`s free

good luck to ya :flower:

Are any of these Linux based?

I’m not a linux guy, so I don’t know. A good place to check, would be

None of them have native Linux versions. Although a application named Avidemux exists with similar fuctionality to VirtualDub and is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. AviSynth (a powerful and versatile frameserving tool) wasn’t on harley2ride’s list but I’ll mention this anyway; the next version (3.0) is being written from the ground up and will be cross platform. What Linux needs in order to see more video editing tools for GStreamer to improve to the level where it’s comparable to DirectShow or Quicktime. Multimedia is probably one of Linux’s weaknesses.

This is kind of a related question, out of all the programs, which one is easiest to use? I used TMPGEnc and Vegas Movie Studio, TMPGE is pretty ez to use, but it doesn’t have that much editing features. Vegas is really hard to use, but I heard it’s really good. Is there a program that’s relatively ez to use and it has a decent amount of features? Thanks.

Spend about two hours watching the vegas tutorials on the sony web site, and you will be able to work with vegas quite well. Any software no matter how simple it is, has some learning curve. I spend days trying to get good with Adobe premiere, and after two hours of vegas tutorials, I was cutting, editing, fade in/out, adjusting contrast and colors. To me it is the easiest of the semi-pro softwares. I also spent hours looking at pinnacle liquid edition tutorials, and while I don’t have the software, it seems nearly as easy as vegas.

How about NeroVisionExpress???

Not good for videoediting or encoding…