Best video converter?



Not sure this is placed in the correct category, but since I find it a bit of a newbie question, lets go ahead! :slight_smile:

Im just wondering if anyone knows a good video convertion program, that can convert divx, xvid, all mpeg formats, avi, dvd, vcd, svcd and so on… I’d like a program with a posibility to change the size of it, so I could go down to 55 X 55 px from 100000 x 10000 (you get the point vice versa…)

I am currently searching for that kind of program, it just has to support alot of video and audio formats, and not mess up the quality when converting :disagree:

I hope you know some good programs like that, I appreciate all helpful comments :flower:


Try to do a search in this page.
There is a plenty of tools with explanations