Best vga card for intel 850?



guys tell me which card is best for me
i have p4 1.6 with intel 850mv 256mb ram
i have gforce2 mmx400 on AGP …
i can only spend till 150 $ wt do u think wt should i buy a nvidia again ot ati ??////


you should consider waiting a while til youll have more money and get new better mobo/cpu/ram also , when puting a strong graphic card on a slow cpu as you got it will not run lets say at “full-duplex” as the cpu will limit its performance and 256mb ram isnt much+not good at all for modern games , i dont think its wise to upgrade the graphic card on such an old machine that will not take full advantage of it , if you still wanna upgrade then you should invest much less money cuz a strong graphic card will not be good for your machine another reason not to invest in a strong graphic card is that new motherboards have pci-e instead of agp there are still motherboards with agp on the market but eventually they will get out of stock and disappear im sayin that for example if youll get a 6600gt agp and youll decide to go for a new pc maybe you wont be able to use it on the new one


From a low starting point, even a fairly low budget card would help anything that runs now, but badly.

AGP is fading, so buying a “super” AGP card now is poor value.

Balanced, I’d say something like a Radeon 9550 or a Geforce 6200. If you want to try to run the latest games, then you need to move up the range a bit.


CPU will be your bottleneck.
Save money and upgrade your CPU, motherboard, and video card together.


At the moment, the graphics is a huge bottleneck - if I read it correctly, the card is a

Geforce2 Mx400 - a budget version of Nvidia’s Geforce 2, and a card dating back to the DirectX 7 era - it DOES have hardware T&L, but not much else.

A Pentium 1.6 GHz is not exactly top of the line, but only around half of today’s, rather than some ancient old clunker.
256Mb of RAM may cause some pain, and while with dual channel RDRAM (if rigged for dual channel), it will be fast RAM, buying a memory upgrade would be even more pain.

One of today’s “budget” cards would seriously outclass the old 2MX, and breathe fire into anything that runs already, but going above a low to midrange card would end up unbalanced the other way … and forget todays graphic-monster games.

The Geforce 4 Ti was a force in its day, full DX8 hardware, at a time when Nvidia had ATI on the ropes, and is worth a look if found cheap (forget the Geforce 4 MX, it’s closer to a full Geforce 2 than anything else - a lot quicker than the 2 MX400, but no more capable).

Just depends, best value would be to hold back until you can go for a balanced full system upgrade, otherwise give us a few price examples and we’ll pick over the bones.