Best version of Winamp?

I’ve been using version 5.08e for some time now and I see they’re up to version 5.12. I’m not that concerned between the free and pro versions.

I mainly use Winamp because of the extensive plug-ins and cool sound I get with the various DSP/effect plug-ins. My favorites are Muchfx2 along with Enhancer 0.17 in conjunction with Gamut 2000 sound effects.

I also use it for Shoutcast. The media library feature is not that important to me.

Opinions? What really concerns me is any additional strange dll’s or other spyware that AOL may have thrown into the program since they bought it.

The light version contains no spyware as far as i know. It does contain a DRM however, you can’t extract every source to a .wav file anymore.

Well, WinAMP 2.81 and Otachan’s tweaked in_mpg123-plugin is great and from what I’ve tried so far WinAMP 5.X-plugins are compatible with 2.8x (at least).

I just use the latest one, but it DID slow down considerably when they went to AC3 support in 5.1x, so I’d consider sticking with 5.08 if I were you.

I loaded a version on a friend’s new Dell a few months ago (it was probably the version just before 5.12). I tried some of the DSP plug-ins that I use on 5.08e and they were crashing his version. That’s why I’m reluctant to upgrade, althought it seems they fixed a few things and added a few more.