Best Version of Nero

Ok I was using the Nero6 Ultra edition, the stupid thing always freezes at 100% during a burn, I have lost atleast 20-25 DVDs in the last 2 months thanks to this… :a

Whats the next best version ? :bow:

Post a burn log…

Can you give a more detail as to the exact version of nero 6 just saying nero 6 doesn’t give much info which product version your using? Also what kinda media are you burning to and what settings are you using in nero? What kinda format are you burning the source from and also what kinda burner do you have and it’s firmware? Also but not last be sure not to be multitasking when your burning as this will lead to many coasters as well and make sure your firewall or antivirus program is not interrupting the burn finalization process. What kinda of firewall and antivirus do you have running? Also make sure you have enough RAM and HD cache for the process. Also sounds like your buffer isn’t working quite right towards the ends but what is the buffer percentage through the burn process?


i have stopped using nero…

ImgBurn Rules

nero needs to have the ability to automatically delete files after you burn them (at least image files) and the ability to make the memory buffer as large as you want (it limits you to 80MB) and it would once again be king.

I think imgburn does a really crappy job of burning discs (especially compared to alcohol) but i use it anyways, because it has the ability to delete image files automatically after a burn, and nero doesn’t even remind you of which image file you just burned, which is a huge PITA for people who start a burn, and then go and do something else, rather than sitting next to your computer the whole time.

Can you please tell me how to do that? I just lost another TY DVD now… The damn thing hangs at 99-100% and only way to open the drive bay again is to restart the PC :a


Yes I can give you the exact version …
Version 6
well I use all kind of media and this problem persists with all of them from Verbatim, sng verbatim, Taiyo Yuden (both the fake ones and the real ones) :flower: MBI, allmost any media atleast 2 out of 5 burns go dead.
Setting as in? I usally burn ISO or UDF format,
the Source is my Hardrive
Burner benq 1640 BSRBRPC1, tried several firmwares happens across all of them.

Well yes Initally when I read your post I thougt maybe it was due my multitasking but no I tried to burn 3 dvds today and 2 went dead. (without multitasking)
I dont think my firewall and Anitivirus is actually messing this up but anyhow,
windows default firewall settings and Avast AntiVrs

yup I got plenty of space on all my drives, Atleast 4-6 gb on C and the source from where its been copied from.
the buffer is always being used well. unusally it always and always hangs/stops at 99-100% no matter what Media or setting I use,
so whats why I came to a conclusion that it could be Nero :eek:

I will try and post a scren when it hangs
any help would be sincerelyappreciated :bow:

Just wondering what is the source media or file format your trying to burn to dvd? Seems like the source file has a glitch in it? I done burning image file with my nero ultra edition retail and it has worked out fine with me. Only time I get coasters is if I try to multitask and surf the net the program buffer drops off and I get coasters, so now when I burn I just leave the computer do that burn and do my other task after the completion. I don’t recall how to get a log file but there other who should see that and give you instructions on how to get that log post but also do a search I think it has been mention before by other users how to get a log post.