Best version of Nero?

Hi all!

What’s the best version of Nero, has fewest bugs etc.
is any good ?

any help is appreciated!

If you actually mean , which is what I think you mean, then yes it’s one of the best, along with & The latter 2 use more memory when burning which is probably the only noticeable difference.

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, I meant
I need reliable burning.

I’m on, less boated than 7 so I’m liking it :slight_smile: Never had a bad burn too, image dvds as well as music cds

Consider also ImgBurn as a burning app. It’s very good & generally I use it instead of Nero. Uses far less memory as well.

If you are using Nero for only simple burning process then take the advise from TmiC and burn with ImagBurn if you use Nero for other features then Nero 7 latest version 7751 is good one.

Thanks for the replies!
I took your advice and installed ImgBurn but it can’t burn audio CD’s, for everyting else it will work fine for me,
so I might try 7751 before I go back to or

none work for VISTA RETAIL :disagree: :sad:

I’d use Burrrn ( for Audio CDs over Nero any day.

I have been using for Vista Premium and Burning ROM seems to work fine. I have not tried the other Nero apps.

I have been using for Vista Premium and Burning ROM seems to work fine. I have not tried the other Nero apps.

Do not know how, as I have RETAIL and it simply does not work :confused:

Although I´m considering upgrading to the latest v7, you know what? Cos my 6.6.14 actually works…I´m really tempted to [B]just keep it[/B].
The risk of problems like lots of members seem to be having makes it hardly worth the risk.
Maybe a suitable question is [B]“What does v7 offer that one needs???”[/B]…can anyone answer that?

For me there has not been any benefit until now. DVD+R DL discs burned with Nero 6 do not work for me but the same files burned with Nero 7 do.

I have kept Nero 6 on my burning rig just because it has been so stable. So if it is working for you then there is no reason to switch.

I have had access to Vista RTM versions for a while but only just installed Nero I am running it on my laptop with an LG burner in it. I like Nero much better than the Vista burning apps. Also I have been a long time user of Nero.

I would be happy to check versions of anything if you would like.

Some people are having problems, but I am still not sure the problem is Nero V7. It might be a configuration problem because Vista needs a larger processer than XP. There are other things it could be also. Some are having problems and some are not. I am sure Nero has tested this version on Vista and they say it is compatible with Vista. Only time will tell.:confused:

One last note. I have a very clean install of Vista Premium. Nero is one of the few applications I am running at the moment.

I am also using nero 7751 installed on VISTA (64 bit) and use with no problem so far. uses the same memory as is the bad version from the memory usage aspect.

I bought Nero 6 and still have the serial number but stupidly deleted it after installing 7. Why is the only version still up for download if or are better and have avoided the memory problem?

it’s strange that is not officially available from Nero’s website…
Regarding ImgBurn, i mostly burn dvd-video and i could’t figure it out how to do it