Best version of nero to use with 708A?



What versions of NERO have you find to work well with the 708A ? I was using Nero 6.009 and had “Could not perform end of Disc-at-once” problems with 4X verbatim +R disks.

I am now using NERO and upgraded the plexor firmware to 1.06 and it seems more stable (so far!)

What version of nero do you find works well with the 708A ?

I am also wondering if using an older version of Nero like 5.5
results in poorer quality DVD burns or deals with copy protections worse than the current versions (6.3) - any ideas on that?


I have no problems using Nero + PX-708A (f/w 1.06).

No idea about the copy protections though. I’d use blindwrite for that.


I use Nero with absolutely NO issues at all.



I use NERO with 708A firmware 1.04
No problems at all!:slight_smile:


v6.3.1.6 (I think). Very stable and recommended. Do not use the early Nero 6 version since they are known to cause problems with this Plextor drive.