Best Verbatim/Sony DVD5 media for overburning with ND-3520A

Can anyone please let me know which Verbatim or Sony DVD5 media is best suited for overburning (to 4525 MB) with a NEC ND-3520A (Liggy And Dee 1.UE firmware)?

Also, does the Nero “Enable generation of short lead-out” feature reduce compatibility and/or quality to any extent?

Thank you.


Nobody wanna gimme a hand? :sad:

Hmm… Nec doesn’t support DVD overburning.

Are there any discs with this capacity?

nautilus7: Yes… DVD+R DL =)

Next question, can DVD+R DL be overburned :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… you can overburn DVD+R DL to a HD-DVD capacity easily… good burners even to Blu-Ray capacity. All you have to do is take a transparent piece of paper/plastic whatever… paint it to a blue color and stick it on the laser head. Now you have turned your laser to a blue-violet laser!! and can burn like a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD drive even on DVD+R DL discs. All you have to do now is to load up a Quikee MultiStone Extreme version 4.FF and you’re ready to go.

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Hmm shame that I only got the 4.FG version Quikee MultiStone Extreme version so now I can’t overburn. Ohwell guess I will have to buy a Blu Ray recorder. :bigsmile:

Where can I buy these transparent lens convertors ??? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Would regular clear sticky tape do the same job ?? :rolleyes:

You can use a blue permanent marker. This really works!!!

ha, as if your ever going to be able to burn 4525MB onto any dvd5, your in a dreamworld matey, - this is assuming you count 4370MB as a dvds capacity.

Even if you measure it in the way dvdshrink does, whats that like 4482MB? No chance…

Why must it be sony media? :confused:

(sorry for rudeness, I talk like this i’m not really being rude, a little surprised)

I guess Plextor drives exist in the dreamworld then, 'cause the PX-712 and PX-716 will overburn DVD+R media to 4600MB. :bigsmile:

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I heard the newer Plextor drives are suffering from quality problems though. Is there any base to that?

There have been problems with the PX-712 and even more with the PX-716, but not necessarily more than with other brands - it’s just that it’s hard to accept that lack of quality control from such an expensive drive manufacturer. Recent firmwares have improved writing quality for those 712 and 716 drives that were a little “off” to begin with.

If you have a good PX-716 or PX-712 drive, you can make burns of a quality equal to or better than any other drive.

hmmm sorry, I had no idea that was possible (embarressed) I shouldn’t have said anything, it just sounded very far fetched to me…

Its kinda interesting tho, can these overburned to 4600mb discs be read as normal on all dvd players cos if they can thats damn useful in so far as quality of video and backing up ya dvds?

Heh those Plextors are quite fancy =) Still they are too darn expensive here… almost 2x the price of a “normal” burner. =)

Thansk for all the chuckles and little help guys… :a

For your info I can already overburn any Verbatim or Sony (little success with other brands) DVD±R 8x to 16x media (obviously burning at 2.4x or 4x) to 4500 MB (NEC doesn’t support DVD overburning, yeah right… :rolleyes: ) with Nero, so I was just looking for 25 more MB which shouldn’t be too much to obtain.

Also, what about the Nero “Enable generation of short lead-out” feature, it’s supposed to provide 12 MB more, right? It actually doesn’t do it for me when I overburn. :confused:

Nec doesn’t support overburning… tell the full disc size (in Bytes).

Don’t have one here now (I’m at work), anyway Nero reports a normally buned DVD5 disc as 4480 MB, while the overburned ones are 4500 MB, basically I’m doing FLAC backups of my Audio CD collection going in alphabetical order and wouldn’t like to leave 150 MB unused or have to use DL media for just 20/25 MB.