Best USB hardware-based video capture? (old camcorder stuff)

I’ve been assigned the task of converting old camcorder tapes into digital files that we can eventually turn into DVD’s distributed to the family! My PC is not the latest and greatest, it’s 2.8 GHz XP MCE and I want to find a good USB device that accepts S-Video and converts it to a video file. (no free PCI slots) I would prefer one that uses all hardware encoding and all that so that it doesn’t rely on my computer (and then have glitches).

What do you recommend?

Do you have the/a camcorder to play the tapes in? If so, does it have a firewire connection, or RCA connections? Are these camcorder tapes that can be inserted into a VHS adapter, and played in a VCR? If so, you would be better off getting a dvd recorder, and transferring the tapes from vhs to a dvd.

If you still want to look into a usb device, look at the ADS devices. ( Some people also like the Plextor device.

Yes, it’ll be played back on the camcorder and the camcorder has S-Video output (and stereo audio RCA cables). Nothing as nice as Firewire or USB off the old camcorder.