Best update to allow DVR-109 on Macs?



I have seen a bunch of posts on the DVR-109 and Mac etc, but there are some conflicting methods and advice.

Simply: What is the best method now of preparing my new DVR-109 for installation on a Mac dual G4 running 10.3.8 ?

Will I need PatchBurn ?

(Note: I also have a Windows XP pc)

William Donelson

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I just installed a new DVR-109 in my G5, but have yet to test it.

I used PatchBurn, which detected the drive and System Profiler now states that burning is ‘vendor supported’, which is a good thing I take it.


Let us know how it goes, please!


The only problem is updating the firmware. There is no tool available for the Mac to update the 109.


Yes, LasVegas is working on one, but it’s not ready yet. I have a PC, so I guess I will do it there, if needed. v1.40 is the latest.