Best type of hyperthreading p4 motherboard?

whats the fastest P4 motherboard for the prescott chips out there? im not too impressed with the intel875 chipset…seems slow io on optical drives and harddrives. I see a ati9100 chipset any ever have that? and if so is it faster with a hyperthreading p4 chip? also im a big fan of abit and am wondering if thier IC7 series is better than this dfi infinity i have now.


I like the looks of the Gigabyte boards. In test I have seen they have always been top or near top. I also like all the extras to get with them. Gigabtye will be my next board. Not sure which one it will be yet but definatly Gigabyte

Why not 925X?

I hope more LGA 775 motherboards will have AGP and PCI-E at once and DDR-I and DDR-II at once.

Some 925X motherboards are really equipped well.

Somewhat still early to buy HT processors or Prescotts at this moment. It’s especially awkward to have a Prescott now when all existing Prescotts are going to be outdated very soon. But we are not going to have the latest PC technology products if we continue to wait for better things at better prices.

Asus P5AD2 Premium

Appeared at Akihabara in mid-June.

problem is i have the chip (basically free 2.8 prescott) so im looking for the best board with the best bandwith to burn dvds up to 16x that about 20k per sec. (the DFI one i have struggles at 12x)…i think when you all start using a 16x dvd burner youll see how hard it is to get to that speed…like i said before if i had my druthers id just use another athlon and my xp3200 is supurb. :wink:

Dunno about the fastest (and I doubt there’s one that’s superior in all ways) but I would take a look at SiS655TX solutions, both Asus and Gigabyte have resonable priced motherboards and good performance.
btw, I highly doubt that your problem transferring ~17Mbyte/s is caused by the motherboard.

This was exactly what I was going for. I think it was the Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D then I hear that the 925X was going to be replace with the 925XG later this year and then completly replaced spring 2005.


When does someone buy stuff these days.

…and if you wait a few more years they’ll also be outdated.
He wanted a socket 478 mainboard not a Socket 775 afaik.

thanks Diz thats what i was looking for a good alternative to the intel chipsets…those look sweet. and yes im locked into this 478 socket 2.8 prescott.

as for the mboard i dont know im using the latest intel busmastering drivers etc. my read buffer doesnt waver just my device buffer does thats why im pretty sure its the transfer bandwith thats the issue.

Hmm… try installing this
btw, how is your hdd(s) and optical devices connected? Separated channels etc?

everythings seperate one hard drive on mail channel the lg4120b on the second channel master…thats not the issue.

anyway i already went out and bought the ASUS P4S800D am taking back the dfi board after i swap it out will report back to you on the results which im pretty confident will be better.

plus i really like 4 serial ata connections :wink: .

Ok :slight_smile:
Be sure to get the latest drivers, Chipset (AGP, IDE, USB), LAN, Sound card, Video card to make sure it’s not due to old drivers. Keep in mind that your hd/hdds may have trouble keeping a sustained data rate at ~17Mbyte/s if files are fragmented.

Yup…in decryptor when you burn you can look at your read buffer and the device buffer…ive seen this before with external drives usually usb2 has these kind of issues. i bumped my read buffer to like 40 meg. so im thinking its some other bottle neck…but i have no patience plus i like asus generally better…and yes ive just downloaded all the new drivers from the link you provided thanks for your help :wink:

All i can say is this new motherboard is awesome…runs rings around my old one…faster and the bus speeds are amazing…im getting 48mbit speeds encoding a dvd with shrink. and with the gigabit lan card i just copied 1 gig. of data from my other computer in 2 min.!

thanks Diz this is a excellent mboard! :slight_smile:

np, good that you’re satisfied with your purchase.

Yes, that’s it.

I’ll wait for Samsung DDR II modules to become as cheap as DDR I. The combined cost of 925X high-end boards like GA-8ANXP-D and Asus P5AD2 Premium and 4 x 256MB DDR-II modules is similar to that of Xeon motherboards with dual-channel SCSI 320 and 2 x 512MB DDR Registered ECC modules. The cost of dual 2.8GHz Xeon processors is lower than one 3.0GHz P4 EE.