Best type of DVD-Rs and DVD+Rs

Hey Everyone,

Ever since reading a lot of people telling me to stay away from Memorex, I have been wondering…

What is the best type of DVD-R?


What is the best type of DVD+R?

I stopped buying Memorex and bought some Maxell (Made in Japan) because I remembered reading that Made in Japan disks are usually superior to Made in Taiwan disks.

Can you please tell me where to get the better DVDs (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc…) and how much they should cost?

Thanks so much for everything!!! :smiley:

The Maxell MIJ are good. Office Depot, Staples, Circuit City, Best Buy all throw MIJ media on sale. Don’t pay more than 40 cents a disc.

I’ve had excellent experience using Maxell, Ritek & TDK.
My burner is a 4x Sony - and I have standardized on using Ritek G04 DVD-R media. I generally order via the internet from and take advantage of their free shipping offers.
Be advised that different types of media behave differently on different burners. For example, many folks do very well using Ritek G05 8x DVD-R media. My Sony burner will not burn to Ritek G05 media under any circumstances. This is a firmware issue, as Sony cannot be bothered to release updated firmware for my drive, thus preventing me from using most 8x media. Most reputable manufacturers make updated firmware available periodically for their burners, thus adding support for newly developed media formulations. For that reason, my next burner will not be a Sony.

I have had Great result swith Verbatim, and HP… Stay AWAY FROM ALL MEMOREX, Imation is good as well. Liteon, SOHW-812S

DVD media can be good for some burners and bad for others. I usually find quality media for about 50 disks = $19, or in the case of HP, $17

I don’t recommend buying store brand labels. The quality seems to be more inconsistant than when you order it straight from the manufacturer. Taiyo Yuden would be an excellent choice for either +R or -R. Alot of the store brand media that is made in Japan is actually made by Taiyo Yuden (ie Fujifilm, some of the Maxell discs, JVC). Check out $28.80 shipped for a 100 pack of 4x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R, once you enter in the following code: techbargains10. also carries them. If you would like the 8x discs, then check out

Thanks for all of the help!!!

I’m going to check out those links and order me some DVDs!!! :iagree:

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