Best TYG02 burner?

What is the current champ for burning TYG02 for quality? I don’t care much about burning the media at higher than rated speed (unless it happens to somehow improve the burn quality).

I was leaning toward the BenQ 1640 a few months back, but I note that there are two new burners out from the same manufacturer (1650/1655). I don’t know whether those new burners are better at burning the G02 that I have though.

Oh ya, it doesn’t -have- to be a BenQ, I only mention it was so highly praised a few months back.

If the 1640 the better burner for my media, then I’ll need to order soon before they get completely replaced by the 1650/55.


Late model NEC drives burn them at 12x with excellent results.

I haven’t yet tried burning at 12x on my NEC 4551 drive, but the burn quality at 8x is excellent, just like it was on the NEC 3500.

Except for DVD-RAM and LabelFlash support, the NEC 4551 is identical to the 3550, 3551 and 4550.

The benqs are the best for these media combine with qsuite they are untouchable
nec is excellent too but get the benq 1655 with lightscribe u wont be dissapionted

my Lite-on 165P6S hates them. :bigsmile:

any decent burner should be able to do them fine. for some reason my NEC burns them better than my benq1655 though. it will even burn them at 16x speed now although i only use 12x

Umm, so would most of you say that the newer gen drives provide more features than the BenQ 1640, while burning G02s at least as well?

Those newer drives mentioned aren’t that much cheaper than the 1640, so I am inclined to pump them all in the same basket. Lightscribe/Labelflash is a nice extra I wouldn’t mind having, but don’t currently have the media to benefit from them (and probably would never bother paying extras for it).

benqs can do them at 12x with great results

Yep. The 1650/55 have carried the torch on from the 1640.

You all missed it. The LG 4163 rules. See my scan below.

Look at this… :bigsmile: The good old Pioneer 108 was a champ at burning TY

Does it have a scanner though?

I know my Pioneer 106 doesn’t. And as faithful as this drive has been to me (burnt many media, and they seem to work fine), 4x burns is getting a bit sluggish :bigsmile:

I am not greedy though. If 4x speed gets me the best result, then so be it… but I have the impression that some of the most recent drives actually burn the 8x G02 better at 12x. That’s always a bonus.

(But again, I will be happy to settle for slower speed)

No, the Pioneers are not reliable scanners.

I think some 12X burns are better than some 8X burns on other drives.

I have yet to find an 8X burn on any of my drives (7) that I like so I burn all my TYG02 at 4X. Maybe the next drives will be better. I have a BenQ 1655, a Liteon 165P6S and an NEC 4570 on the way. Somebody has to finally get it right.

You’re a certifiable maniac. There’s no way that I would be tempted to get all those drives. There’s really almost no chance of me getting those drives. It is very probable that I almost don’t want to get any of those drives. There’s very little chance that… Oh what the heck, I admit it - I’m envious! :bigsmile:

yeah my 108 is a very good TYG02 burner much better than my 109, my 1620, 1640 and 1655 are also very good TYG02 burners

G02 burned at 8x in LG 4163:

Burned at 12x in NEC 4550:

I will absolutely accept that NEC 4550 scan. I gave up on my 3500 and 3520 after countless firmware changes. My 4163 at 4X is perfect and I get a lot of 4X burns on other drives that meet my expectations.

My fingers are crossed until my 4570 shows up.

I feel your envy. It has been almost a year. I figured it was a good use of my CC rebate dollars.

My NEC 2510 and 3520, and my Benq 1620 Pro, burned TYG02 very well (certainly well enough for me anyway). My Liteon 411S@811S, 1653S, and Pioneer 110D don’t do as well, although the 110D comes close. But, I’ll take the TY burned in any of those drives over crap media burned in the best drive any day. Too bad I have so much crap media… I never met a media sale I didn’t like. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Umm, interestingly I can’t find the NEC 4550 in the UK. But I do have the choice between the NEC 4551A and 4571A. Can I assume that they are the same to the 4550 and 4570?

How does the NEC compares to the BenQ as a whole? They are both priced the same, and currently on the top of my list.