Best TY Media +R and -CDR and media codes

Hey guys

I have been getting the silver type cd and dvd TY media. I decided to try the matte type finish (White inkjet printable) as I think it is worth the cost.


  1. Please confirm, the white inkjet printable is as close to a matte finish as I am going to get…correct?

  2. I have always bought from Rima (well–only two orders I do not use that much media). I got a less then “excellent” batch on the last purchase, but still not a terrible quality.

  3. I have read the the T02 (DVD +R) is the best all around consistant quality that you can get for DVD burns? Is this correct as I have drives that can burn at a faster rate. I have a Pioneer 111d and a 160P6s Liteon. I am ONLY concerned about very good quality burns–I am not concerned about saving a couple minutes on burn time.

  4. Has any one bought the white inkjet printable on both cd-r and dvd +R very recently and how was the quality and where did you buy them?

Here is the link to what I “think” I want as far as finish and where I think I might buy…Thanks:

PS the DVD media in the link is T02 correct??

DVD +R Media:

CD-R Media:

OK–no answer to above post so I guess no one has bought new TY DVD +R lately??

Can any one tell me if all the 8x TY (DVD+R) is T02 media?? That is the best dvd media out there for now correct??

The other question is I have been looking around local and NO ONE has media made in Japan (TY)? I have checked at Circuit City, Office Depot, Best Buy, and CompUSA. Does TY only make media under their own name now?

Yes all the 8x TY +R will be T02…and apparently Rima is one of the best places in the US to get them :iagree:

I have some printable T02s, a nice matte white finish. I’m happy with them.

You’ll often find TY media in the US, but under other brands. You won’t find media branded as TY in B&M stores.

Hopefully other US members can advise you what brands to look out for in B&M stores. I have some 8x Sony +Rs that are T02, and some Sony Music CDRs that are TY, but that’s it.

Edit: Oh, and yes the DVD media in your link is T02.

Thanks very much for the reply.

I notice they have both white inkjet printable and white thermal printable:

Can you please answer two questions:

  1. Are the ones you have with the nice finish white inkjet or white thermal printable?

  2. From all my searches on cdfreaks and FAQ on TY, any TY media branded in B&M stores would have MIJ on them? The Sony DVD+R and Sony CD-r media you have–do they say made in Japan??

I went around the past week and I do not see any MIJ cd or DVD media any where (althogh I have not checked SAMs club as of yet).

I hope some one else also chimes in on any B & M stores selling TY media under another brand name?

I recently bought some cmc mag m01 media at office depot on sale per cdfreaks bargin section but took them back—I am spoiled on TY. Office Depot did take them back with out a hassle though–which is a good sign for shopping there.

  1. Inkjet.

  2. Yep, for the most part. Some Sony MIJ 16x +Rs can be Sony’s own discs that are made in Japan, as well as being TY, though. A way to tell which is which is by looking at the spacer, but US members would know about that more than I would.

And yes, both sets of Sony TYs that I have say Made in Japan on the packaging. :slight_smile:

Thanks Arachne :bigsmile:

Now if some one will post a B & M store that has TY in stock. Maybe they are no where to be found. I could have missed some when looking, the one Office Depot had a ton of stock but I was after the deal mentioned in the bargain mentioned here:

I returned them to another Office Depot that was much closer. All B & M stores are at least 30 min drive as I live out in the sticks. I only go in if I happen to be in the area for another reason.

One more question:

You said :
2. Yep, for the most part. Some Sony MIJ 16x +Rs can be Sony’s own discs that are made in Japan, as well as being TY, though. A way to tell which is which is by looking at the spacer, but US members would know about that more than I would.

I have to ask–are the non-ty media made in Japan decent quality any way??

Seems stuff that is MIJ from media to cars to guitars is very good quality–not like back in the 60’s when the MIJ item would fall apart before you could get it out of the bag!

You are going to want to look at stores that don’t sell much as far as media is concerned. Maybe a Staples (stay away from mine :stuck_out_tongue: ), Wal-Mart, Sears, K-Mart, etc. Even my Circuit City still has a little bit left. Don’t forget that all of the mentioned stores pricematch, so if a sale comes along then you can take the ad to any of them and get at least the sale price. Sears, Circuit City, and Staples all have 110% pricematch guarantees.

It is certainly one of the best. It gives excellent results in my Liteon,
BenQ and LG. I don’t have a Pioneer, but the CDF reviews of
the 111 and the 112 show extremely good results with T02.

Taiyo Yuden CD-R are the best of the best.

Thanks for the replys

Staples, Sears, and K-Mart are ones that I “Had Not” checked.

T02 and cd-r ty sounds like the way to go one way or another!