Best TV Speakers for <$60

The only reason I am buying new speakers is because my built-in TV speakers are starting to die. I found a HTS for $60 at bestbuy. It’s the KLH HTA-4100, here’s the link

I don’t need anything spectacular, I just need something decent and cheap. The speakers will be used for watching TV, DVD’s, and playing video games.

Thanks, Jonathan.

I would go with higher quality stero speakers or a 2.1 setup rather than get a cheap 5.1 system.

What about the Logitech Z640 5.1. They are $55 at newegg and $50 at amazon, both have free shipping.It has a lot of good reviews, and I really trust newegg.

Does anyone have any better recommendations with an equivalent or lesser price? I’m looking for something that doesn’t require a stereo receiver, and can be hooked up to both a computer and a TV/DVD player.

If you are picking between the two I’d go for the home theater speakers over PC ones.

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