Best TV for Standard Definition content?

okay, all i plan on doing is watching cable tv, playing standard dvds and nintendo wii/xbox 360.

basically, i’m just asking if there are any thinner alternatives to buying a huge crt. something in the 40" range would be ideal.

i’m going to buy a 40" Sony Wega KV-40XBR700 and while it’s an amazing tv, it’s also beyond huge.

any suggestions? the current crop of lcd/plasma tvs all seem to be lacking in the way they handle sd content. i’ve heard of the samsung slimfit series, but it’s difficult to get a hold of. projection tvs aren’t really my style, either.

how about an edtv? or is there some sort of convertor that i can use for sd content and then turn off for hi-def video games?

How well a set displays SD content has far more to do with the quality of the electronics behind the screen than it does with the screen itself. So there are equally good and bad examples in every type of screen. For DVDs, a high quality upscaling player like an Oppo will negate any shortcomings that the monitor may have. There’s nothing you can do about cable though, but at 40" it should look OK on most any monitor.

LCD is about your best choice at 40", so look for a better quality set. How well a set can display SD content is a pretty accurate measure of it’s over-all quality. Your best bet is to go out and audition sets with your own DVDs, and keep in mind that display sets are not calibrated. You may also find a 720p plasma set you like in that size range. If SD is looking better on plasma to you, it’s because it has better electronics, not because it’s plasma. There are a lot of cheaper LCDs around with truly horrible video processing. But there are also sets from Samsung, Panasonic and JVC that really are quite good.

My sony Bravia X series upscales SD really well, but I spent 3 months comparing different TV’s … and the W/X/XBR series were the only tv’s that had acceptable quality. The Current crop of LCD’s (in australia) is pretty bad compared to Plasma.