Best transcoding appz for dl ps2 game on sl dvd?

What is the best transcoding appz for dl ps2 game onto a sl dvd without chopping the game ?

Example there’s transcoding software for dl movies onto sl dvd

Like to hear your reviews and tips, thanks in advance :confused:

LMAO, I don’t think it’s possible to “transcode” a game. :iagree:

To shrink an ps2 game from dl to sl dvd there are software appz for it, which is the best while keeping the game intact ?

Like to hear those tips thanks in advance :eek:

NO! You can’t “shrink” a ps2 game!!! :rolleyes:

then how do i get 50 cent bulletproof for ps2 on a disk as it is to big???

You have to use a dual layer disc. :iagree:

There are a few little tricks and patches for example for GT4 to cut or shrink the video sequences, but like djmind said you can’t shrink the game you’ll need DL media