Best torrent client?



I see it’s been done here, though not quite the right place. Anyway, let’s see: what is - in your opinion - the best torrent client? The terms: resource needs, download speed, stability, and os used.

For starters, here’s my two cents: on my win xp pro sp1 with cable, and 1.38 d/u ratio:

  • Bit Torrent (classic): small cpu use, 5 to 40kb/s, stable.
  • Burst!: small cpu use, 20 to 50kb/s, frequent freezes.

Well, what do you think?


I used to use Burst but had the same problem as you, also some sites won’t accept it as a client.
Since then I’ve used Azureus which I’ve found to be very acceptable in all respects. Use the Safepeer plugin with it to give yourself some protection. Additionally I use Peerguardian for further protection.
I think there’s a thread in the P2P forum already on this subject.


Cable and useing BIT’S :eek: :eek: you want to know real speed’s for your 3MB connection that is stable at 250KBs then used my beloved
i was like you befor i found this program i even Kazzaz {i think that is how you spell it} and then found shareazza they are good programs if you are on dail up. If you need help setting revconnect up then PM me and i will help.


BitComet + BitComet Accelerator … eventualy Azerus but it like to eat too much ram … (base on java) … u can always try Bit spirit ;]


Azureus is my personal favorite. Easy to use and powerful.


I used to use Bittorrent but now use Azureus


When using the accelerator, shud the picture with the globe and green arrows have a bright or dark background when it is on?



Azureus, it’s nice but a bit resource hungry.


Agreed. I don’t notice it on my machine with 1gig of ram, but my friends that have less than 512mb do notice. Especially during start up.
Right now it’s using 118mb of ram on my pc.

Although, resources aside, it’s very stable. I haven’t had Azureus crash yet. Speeds are fast. I love the interface, and there’s a ton of options. I definatly reccomend it if you have the ram.


If it’s using more than 60Mb of RAM you have a broken binary or broken JRE (Java Runtime). Update to the latest Java Runtime if you’re having problems (this is important) and install the lastest version of Azureus afterwards.
Regarding performance, on a computer with a working JRE Azureus hovers around 50-60Mb (similar to other clients) and uses roughly 0-2% CPU time utilizing 8Mbit (both up and down) randomly on my “slow” XP 3200+ (non A64).


I’ve got the same processor and notice the same utilization. As for the program I have latest verstion of Azureus and JRE. I’ve always noticed it using 100mb+. Oh well.


BitLord has been good to me.


Bit Tornado has always worked well for me…


i kick and ban anyone connecting to me with BitLord…

the amount of memory usage of Azureus is highly dependent on your settings and the amount of torrents you’ve got active…


@ drpino
If you have it working correctly it always stays around 60Mb.


i have it set up correctly and that’s simply not true…


Obviously not…
The first shows roughly 200Mb of “torrents” and the second shows a 8Gb torrent, both after 12h “uptime” and neither grows. VM Size is equal to “total memory size”.


Now why would you want to do that?