Best tools for DL DVD?

currently using anydvd and 1click with the DL option checked. seems to be having some quality issues. what is the best way to go if you are using DL drive and discs?


It seems that the most popular methods are:

Ripping with DVD Decryptor then burning with Imgburn


Ripping with CloneCD and burning with Imgburn.

Both ripping programs will maintain your layer break.

Thanks. I am trying to find out if using 1clickdvdcopy doesn’t accomplish the same. Does it maintain that layer break? anyone?

You probably meant ripping with CloneCD and burning with CloneCD. :wink:

As far as I know it doesn’t.
But why are you asking in the AnyDVD forum, you should ask in the 1click forum. People there might know better.

Rgr that…copy and paste error! :iagree:

Ya, I second tru’s comment … what is the point of a CloneCD rip and then burning with Imgburn? Just rip and burn with CloneCD.

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Ok, you posted while I was writing.

so it sounds like the concensus is to use clonecd not 1click? i already own 1click but if clonecd works best then fine.

oh one other thing on clonecd… why not cloneDVD ?

if your using -r dl media use clonedvd = clonedvd does not retain the layerbreak = -r dl doesnot retain the layerbreak
if your using +r dl media use clonecd = clonecd does retain the layerbreak = +r dl does retain the layerbreak

There’s a thread kicking around that explains why. Anyways, Clonedvd doesn’t maintain layer breaks.

PS. If you have anydvd, the decryptor then Imgburn method is free. Clonecd would have to be purchased after the trial period.

CloneDVD is a transcoder that rips in file mode and was not designed to maintain the original’s layer break. It creates it’s own … sometimes in a less than esthetic point in the movie.

CloneCD maintains the original’s layer break for tru 1:1 DL backups.

But both programs will be useful to you so buy using the bundled price discount.


excellent info! thanks to all.

I just want to chime in and say that the CloneCD method of dual layer backups is excellent and works flawlessly. No messing around with settings or any other nonsense…it simply works. Gotta love that.

doesn’t seem to want to work with this fun with dick and jane disc however! anyone successfully backed up this title?

yes, plenty have.

if you’re looking for help you’ll have to be a lot more specific than “doesn’t seem to want to work”

also do a search for “fun with dick and jane”

i recall there being a thread or two about it, but i don’t remember the exact problems people were having. your question might already be answered!

if not, feel free to start a new thread with as much information as you can possibly give us :slight_smile:

well so far all that happens, whether I try to do the whole disc using clonecd or just the movie using 1click, it never makes it through the ripping process. hangs up and no further progress.

version numbers? any error messages? what region/version is the disc? does it always hang in the same place regardless of program? where does it hang? what program are you using to decrypt?

we need a lot more information and since this is not really relevant to the thread you might be better off creating a new thread for this question

is the dvd scatched? if not then it was pressed badly and return it to the store and get money back or exchange it