Best tool to convert wma to mp3



am hoping someone can tell me the best and easiest way to convert wma to mp3, preferably in a batch? Thanks in advance for any help on this!


There´s lots…Nero for example.

But…why? You will probably get a further loss of quality. Most portable players can play both, so keeping the WMA as it is is cool.
Alternatively, rip the tracks again, directly to MP3 if you MUST have it.


You may want to try Mediacoder It’s free and converts a lot of different types of files. It does have a batch mode too.


I liked Audio Converter Studio for converting. It supports a lot of formats and rips CDs too. Batch mode available.


I haven’t worked with any WMA recently but . I don’t have any on my computer to test with but I bet dbPowerAmp , f2k , or Audacity can all do this . If set correctly all will produce a good quality .mp3 . Of course the .wma file has to be good quality to get a good .mp3.

Edit : I didn’t check first to see how old this thread was . If I had I probably wouldn’t have posted.