Best Tool For Burning?



Wats the best tool for Burning Vob Files ? in order to get a good burn Quality

Bulid a image with ImgBurn & Write ?..


IMGBurn in build mode will give you great burns.


The best way to obtain a good quality is to use a good media (Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim), a good burner, the right firmware, and burn at the right speed.

The bad news is that to find the best combination of burner/firmware/burning speed you need to do a lot of tests by yourself. You can have a good guidance browsing the scan threads, so you can have an idea what speed and what firmware give better results for a media with a given burner.

The burning software makes no difference on burning quality: you can use the one you like more :slight_smile:


thnx for the response

i have Two Drives:


Whcih drive would be better suited for Burning DVD+R with Imgburn ?


DVD +R is a bit too generic: there are a lot of different DVD +R media.

Both are, however, good drives. Take a look on the threads dedicated to the scans of these drives, and see which media give better results :wink:


I do have the LG GSA-H42N and it burns + media very well, and fast too, I usually burn at 12X with Verbatim 16X+ ( MCC004) media and get great results.


I agree with Alan, Verbatim 16X + media (MCC004) is one of the best you can get and the discs I use almost exclusively with all my drives. + media booktyped to DVDRom will better your chances for compatibility with virtually all DVD Players.

BTW, I also burn all my discs at [B]12X[/B] with either IMGBurn, CopyToDVD, or Nero.


IMGBurn Looks the Right Tool

So u say Best Way out is Bulid a Image & burn…thnx

i dont get Verbatim @ my place… Moserbaers & SOny

Of Late not Happy with Moserbaer Quality… so switched over to SONY+R… is it the Right choice ?


Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are better than Sony media, but if you can’t find in local stores you can buy online :slight_smile:


Don’t depend on walk-in retail outlets to get your blank media. They have [I]no interest[/I] (or even knowledge) in providing you with quality media. Their interest is in getting the best “deal” from their distributors to provide the best profit margin for themselves.

Try if you are in the US. Buy +R Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim media. Burn it at one notch lower than the speed the media is rated at. And booktype it to the DVD-ROM standard when you burn it.



I have my consistently best results burning Verb 16x at 12x on my LG 6147. Often 99 quality score with <100 PIF. Even better than I get with TY’s (which are very good, burned hundreds). The LG just loves Verb, + or - though + is a little better. I use CloneDVD mostly for burning, but sometimes IMGburn when I encode with DVDRebuilder/HC. They burn equally as well. Can’t notice any difference in burn quality (aside from compression rate).