Best Thermal Paste



What’s the best thermal past for use on cpu? I have a Sempron 3100+ oc’d to 2.38ghz, but under 100% load the temperature goes up to 53 degs, I heard it’s best to keep it under 50 degs and some thermal paste will actually lower the tempt 1-2 degs, so any recommandations? Thanks.


The answer is simple, get a better cooler.


53C under 100% load isn’t that bad of a temperature, your processor will easily handle temperatures up to around 65-70C or so before heat becomes a concern.

That said, a new cooler wouldn’t be a bad option if you are really worried about temperatures. To answer your original question, Artic Silver 5 is by far and away the best thermal paste on the market. Don’t even bother using anything else.


While processors will easily handle such extreme temps, I would always recommend keeping your temperatures as low as possible. The hotter you run your CPU the shorter its lifespan - Just because a processor can handle 70C does not mean it should run that way for a long time :slight_smile:

As a rule I try to keep my CPU below 50C - Anything over 50C and I’d say you need better cooling or your room temperature is like mine in the summer, around 38C :smiley:


I agree with you completely on the first part. I’m trying to find where in my original post I said anything about a processor should run at maximum temperature for extended lengths of time. :wink: A ~20C difference isn’t going to effect lifespan of a processor, indeed it will more than likely be replaced before it fails.

Also 50C is a nice point to strive for, I agree. A few degree’s isn’t going to make any bit of difference, especially when the CPU is OC and at 100% load to boot. How often is a CPU really at 100% load? If a few degree’s is cause for concern, kill the OC and run at stock speeds. :cool:


I already have a Zalman 7000 AlCu cooler, I guess I could try the 7700, but it’s probably not worth it. I’m using the thermal paste that came with the cooler, so I guess it’s not that good, just wondering if there’s another thermal paste that will make a noticeable difference.


Nah, the cooler you have is sufficient. No need to replace it.

As far as paste goes… anyone who has used AS5 will tell you it’s the best stuff on the market. It really does make a difference.


Just a question to those who randomly links to an emulation site, what are you trying to accomplish by doing so?


The cheapest AS5 I found is $9, is that a good price? Thanks.


If you can find it locally for that I would just get it. You might be able to find it onle for a couple of dollars cheaper, but by the time you pay shipping it will be more expensive. I think the cheapest I have found it locally was 8$.


Cool, I’ll see if my local PC Club or CompUSA have it.


Compusa has mad dog brand artic silver which is real artic silver 5 (mad dog just slaps it in their package). It’s 11$ though. Thats actually where I got it last time. I needed it kind of quick and didn’t feel like spending an hour or more driving to fry’s to get it for 8$.


There’s a Fry’s clsoe to where I live, so I’ll get it there. Save $3. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info.