Best T03 burner?

Is there actually a good drive out there for YUDEN000T03 media? I have tried several spindles of T03 media on my BenQ DW1620 with B7W9 firmware and the quality is not all that good. Scan here.

Some might say to go for MCC004, but TY has always served me quite well and I’d prefer to stick with it. I don’t have access to T02s anymore either.

What models do you guys recommend for T03s? Or is there a particular (unofficial) DW1620 firmware I could give a try?

check out the new Samsung

that was burn at 20x, amazing quality based on the speed it was burned at

Hm, any review of it out there? Burns at 16x or 8x would be nice to see. I’ve been looking at the newest Lite-On reviews on the site. Never had a Lite-On before. They seem to burn T03 pretty well, I’ll look at it in more depth tomorrow.

Is there a “top model” at the moment that everyone is recommending or any that I should focus on?

i personally had the new Lite-on, it was quite bad.

It would really be a good choice if you could buy one in the USA. I know NCIX has them in Canada but the shipping makes them expensive.:iagree:

Most of the current drives have good support for T03. I find
the Liteon, LG and BenQ 1640 handle it fairly well. If I
had to pick one out of the three, I would say the Liteon
is marginally better.

This is a Verbatim +R 16x YUDEN000T03 burned at 12x
in the LH-20A1P today. The drive will burn it at 20x, but
12x gives better quality burn.

How so?

skelton, how would that scan translate to a BenQ-scan? I’m not very used to Lite-On scans. I find the LH-20A1S looks interesting, I especially like the SATA interface because then I could just pop it in my machine without taking out my other writers. :slight_smile: It’s pretty cheap too. Those LH-20A1P, H, S…are they one and the same drive? I don’t think I’ll be able to buy the Samsung over here.

Why T03? T02 is better and cheaper than T03 in USA.

Please read the first post before replying… Btw, I’m not from the US.

The BenQ scan would tend to show higher maximum PIF because
of it’s 8 ECC scanning interval. CD-DVD Speed compensates for
this so that Quality score is about the same as the Liteon.

I haven’t used the SATA version of the LH-20. Dee-27’s Mini Review
shows that it has excellent T03 burn quality.

The LH-18A1x and LH-20A1x drives seem to be based on the same
hardware. Obviously, the SATA version will have some differences.


I would suggest you check the reviews of recent drives at to see if the models you are interested in have a review there. Then you can make a comparison of the write quality of T03 media on those drives. As they use the same analyzer for the results, there is minimal variance issues with the scan results.

Some other users here may not agree, but it would be my first choice for selecting a new drive based on writing quality. The only small issue is that the scans are from discs written at the maximum supported speed in the drive which may not be the most optimal for writing quality (but this is true for most reviews published).

Good point. This is becoming more of an issue since some of the
newer drives including the LH-20 burn T03 at 20x.

So judging from the scores, your burn seems only marginally better than mine. I think I remember something about multiplying Lite-On PIFs by 4 to compare them to BenQ PIFs? Not sure though. If I do that, only your PIE and jitter seems to be better. I know, I’m probably comparing apples to oranges as others would point out.

So far I’ve been looking at T03 scans in reviews by comparing them to scans of the popular MCC004 and T02 (not necessarily from the same review, but mostly so).

Thanks for the tip, I will definitely do that. I’ve just been assuming that reviewers use decent scanning drives to check the burns, but as you point out this may not be the best approach, especially when comparing drives.

You can still choose the writing speed with newer drives I hope?

I checked my T03 scans. None of drives is good at burn T03. The DW1620 gave the best results.

T03 is the worst among T02, T03, TYG02 and TYG03.

This is my 2 cents.

Very nice :clap:
I never had T03… I have to get some order

Well, lower your expectation. T03 is the worst, when compare to T02, TYG02 and TYG03.

I hear about before because I didn’t have but it is time order it :iagree:
may I got very good T03 Disc :iagree:

geekrule, what firmware did you use to burn that disc? If my DW1620 gave such results, I wouldn’t bother with a new drive…looks excellent. Btw, you DID use a DW1620, not a 1640 or 1655 or something? (it’s not in your sig)

I have checked those reviews at, but I can honestly say I don’t quite understand those DaTARIUS scan results. Too technical. But if I interpret it correctly, the Lite-On LH-20A1P does not do well with T02s? (link) 3 POFs and a max of 72 PIFs?? :eek:

What about the Samsung SH-S183A guys? I can get it for less than 30 euro.

I guess you’ve been really spoiled in the past, then. I do have quite some MCC 004 and MCC 03RG20 that does not even burn as well as your YUDEN000 T03 does…

IMO most recent burners (LG GSA-H42N, LiteOn xH-xxA1x, Plextor PX-760A for example) do a very good job with 16x TY. :slight_smile: