Best suitable DL media for Plextor 740a (verbatim?)

Hey guys,

I suppose this question is “stupid” enough to be posted here, so it is. For those who have a plextor 740a or know the answer to this question: what is the better dual layer media for this drive? I was going to go with verbatim anyhow as i know they are pretty good, but a few stupid reviews over at newegg had me on the fence.



Verbatim 2.4x burned at 2.4x is recommended

Only at 2.4x? Because of the firmware bug?

For highest quality I would recommend 2.4x.
But if you want to comprimise you allways can go faster.

On the 740a and Verbatim DVD+R DL media:

Any idea how to change the booktype in DVD Decryptor or ImgBurn? I go into Tools/Drive/Change Booktype/Plextor tab. Then when I go to Change For “(for DVD+R DL Media)”, the Current Setting says “Unknown (Failed!)”.

I have Plextor 1.02 firmware.



We have an excellent specialist Plextor drives forum here - someone there may be able to help over there.


To change the booktype, you must use the BenQ tab instead of the Plextor tab.

I already tried that: all my Verbatim DVD+R DLs are coming out coasters regardless if I use DVD Decrytpor or the PgcEdit/Imgburn combo.

I see. You can try and crossflash your PX-740a to a BenQ 1640 and see if it improves any. If it doesnt, you could always crossflash it back to a 740 in case you need to RMA your burner.