Best Sub-$100 Blu-Ray Internal Burner In The USA?


I am building a new PC in Texas and would like to buy a new internal Blu-Ray burner for the system. My budget is $100. I have a Pioneer BDR 209-D (300+ discs burned since 2015) in my current PC. I was considering just moving it to the new box. However, I would like to get a BD-R burner with M-Disc technology. I also rip all CDs that I buy using Exact Audio Copy. I would like for my new drive to shine on Digital Audio Extraction. Brand does not matter. I simply want the best drive for my money. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

2 days and no responses, so I guess i’ll bite.

The only players left, I suppose, are LG and Pioneer.

All things being the same I’d choose Pioneer nowadays, as they have added M-Disc support in recent models.

Many have commented that recent LG drive mechanisms are cheaply built; further the repertoire of burning strategies in their firmware tend to be rather generic rather than explicitly tweaked to get the best out of media out there.

Depending on your other needs (UHD or not) I’d follow the prices on the BDR-2212, -212UBK, and -212DBK.

Thank you for the reply Schuster! Very much appreciated. I have just pre-ordered the Pioneer BDR-212DBK for $75 from B&H Photo.

I was monitoring prices on several LG burners.
After reading your post, I am glad I stuck with Pioneer. :+1:

I wouldn’t say that the fact that the mechanism is weak is the main issue… I don’t think Pioneer drives are built that much better. All modern drives are junk compared to their predecessors which were built like tanks.

And to be honest it’s not really that big of a deal. Optical drives are meant to be disposable. My issue here is that LG is charging more than three times the price, and in some cases ten times the price of a DVD writer. You would expect at least some sort of increased quality at those prices, but this is not the case.

The problem with LG drives per se is that the blu-ray laser dies prematurely. This is almost certainly because the PCB of the drive inadequately filters the PSU voltage coming into the drive. Pioneer drives also suffer from this issue.