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Hey Everyone,

I’d just like to know what is the best and most appropriate DVD Burning Software around these days. I haven’t been in touch with burning movies for months now and would like to know. Oh and he most appropriate Media to burn then onto. I still use RipIt4Me, that is probably my favorite program to use. I’ve heard a lot of talk about DVDFab HD or something, how is that? Right now I am using TDK DVD-R 4.7GB 1-16x discs which work fine but…this is really annoying me. When I burn a movie it rips fine and everything but when I burn them onto this particular media I’ll watch the movie up until a certain scene(always random but same every time) and the movie just simply won’t play after that. It will like just just keep and try reading the disc to make a decision but goes no further. I also use my XBOX(original) to watch my movies on and is quite old now, do you think that this has something to do with this problem? Much help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

  • Jack

ImgBurn is a free and excellent burning software.

DVDFab Decrypter is a good solution to cope with latest copy-protections, and it’s free. Another alternative is AnyDVD, (excellent too but not free).

The “freezing” issue when playing movies almost certainly is due to a bad burn, because TDK discs are not the very best.

Try to burn again on a quality disc like Verbatim. this should solve :slight_smile:

You can also try to lower your burn speed, for example: instead of 16x use 12x etc. TDK like any other brands and testy burners are best when purchased on sale. JMO:D

Alright cheers. I also have a DVD-RAM Drive in my laptop. I once read that these kind of drives can’t make 1:1 copies of a disc, is this true?

NO :disagree::disagree: