Best strategy for Princo DVDs?

Hi guys! I have a Liteon 451S @ 832S. I have some Princo DVDs but I’m not happy with the default writing strategy (lots of errors at the end of the disc). Is there any better strategy for these dvds??

Thanks for any answer!

The best strategy is to stay as far away from Princo as possible. This is a valid strategy, if you care for your data. If you have a few discs, just give them to your friend… or enemy.

Personally, I think that they make great frisbees…

But yeah, everything I’ve heard indicates that they’re garbage.

So true!

the strategies that i have tried with junk media that work really well are the TAIYOYUDEN for -Rs and the RITEKG04 for +Rs (i might have that backwards :confused: )

i had these great quality 4x +Rs with a code of MEDIA ID01 or something like that. the scans were terrible using the set write strategy for them, but after burning them with the RITEKG04 strategy (at 2.4x) the scans were wonderful!

i also had some great quality 4x LEADDATA01s that i got before i found out that they were not good to use with lite-ons. well, burning the first 5 of them with the normal strategy for LEADDATA01 yielded 5 coasters with absolutely horrific scans.

after changing the write strategy to YUDEN01/01 (or something like that) the scans still weren’t great, but they were so incredibly much better than before and the dvds i burned actually worked.

i later tried the TAIYOYUDEN strategy for -Rs and it was even better.

LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing when I first read this thread title. :wink:

Can you provide some scans of the current burn?

it would depend on what kind of princo(1x, 4x, or 8x) disc you are talking about.

BVest write strategy for Princo 4x ?

wow princo 1x @ 4x

also, the latest “recommended tweak” file has the Princo 4X set to Princo 8X strategy, but from the 2nd link, it seems 1X also might work best with 8X strategy.

Weird, on my Pioneer DVR-105, I’d say they were as good as RitekG04’s, assuming you mean the 4x white top/purple bottom?

Used about 300 of them, probably less than 5 coasters, and have read fine on at least 7 players.

Or the former, who will then become the latter. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know, sometimes you guys can be real snobs.
Everytime this subject comes up we get the same old wise cracks.
I read somewhere the other day that Princos make up 60 per cent of the market worldwide.
That’s a sobering thought.
I’ve burnt plenty of Princos myself and have had very few problems with them.
Based on these figures there is probably plenty of people out there more interested in getting a better result out of their vanilla wrap Princos than looking at endless esoteric scans of TY’s with so few errors that it is meaningless.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate all the hard work and advice that some of you put in.
I couldn’t believe it when I discovered I could convert my 451s to an 832s.
I’m just saying it would be interesting to see some serious discussion about Princos and other less fashionable media.
Maybe we could even have a Princo sticky?
That way anyone who wants to discuss them can do so without getting in the faces of the rest of the community.
I know I went looking for some of the brands you guys discuss the other day and I couldn’t find any of them - at least not at a sensible price.
Here’s a thought . . . maybe we could have a contest to see who could get the best burn out of a Princo!
Use the Matrix as a reference point. I’m sure everybody has that one . . .

The problem is that they might not cause you problems now, but the fact that they do burn so bad is a condition of the media. It simply isn’t good media!

Understandably this media is inexpensive. I remember that princo also used to make inexpensive CDR, and up until about a year ago, I used to buy it for testing. none of these princo cdr are still error free. I still have CMC, Kodaks (TY) & mistubishi CC media from between 3 & 5 years ago, and except for the Kodaks, all were Cyanina, rather than phalocyanine. Despite what many people say, I still can’t trust these dyes. Every disc that I have had deteriate has been phalocyanine.

We can spend time improving write strategies, but the problem is that no matter how many errors we can eliminate at point Zero in time, at a point approximately 1 year, or even less, it’s likely you will wish you had spent more on decent media.

We cannot emphasise this enough!!!

You may not think it’s funny that we bag this media out about the quality, but everyones been there, made the mistake. Everyone can learns from their mistakes. Can you learn from someone elses?

Whether it is funny or not, or whether it is right or wrong is immaterial.
I just think that it would be interesting to have some intelligent discussion about this media instead of poo pooing it, saying it is not worth worrying about and pushing it off the nearest cliff.
Like it or not, there are probably many readers of this forum that are interested in it. Ergo a serious investigation of the media, with testing and results contained within in its own thread would not only be interesting but also highly informative.
For many people seeing is believing . . .

It’s hard to intelligently discuss a media with no consistency. There are so wildly varying reports on Princo performance and longevity. It has been reported by many that there can be very wide variations in quality between batches (even those under the same brand and obtained from the same source) and sometimes even within batches. It’s a waste of time to discuss a media type if you can’t even get people on the same footing. Saying that Princos worked doesn’t mean that it’ll work for anyone else. Saying that strategy XYZ worked doesn’t mean that strategy XYZ would work for anyone else.

This is also the same reason why it’s so difficult to talk about Ritek and CMC media and their strategy switches, beacuse there is so much variation between batches (though not as much so with Princo). For example, while many people have G05s that work nicely with a G06 strat but not well with a MXL strat, there is also a sizeable number of people whose G05s are bad with G06 and need a MXL strat.

rofl…at last a comedy thread for everyone…makes a change from serious q&a sesions
sorry Fr4nZ but you musta known what resposes ya was gunna get just by reading at least 1 or 2 threads and princo media lol