Best StandAlone for DVD DL's?



I have a Panasonic RP-62 Stand alone player and I just purchased a Double Layer DVD burnner for my Computer. The double layers’ that I am burnning don’t play properly with my stand alone Panasonic. So I am going to have to buy a newer Stand Alone player that is compatible with Double Layer Media…

What is the best stand alone DVD player to play burnt DVD-R DL’s or DVD+R DL’s ?

I have a brand new Plextor PX-716A, I have used both Ri-Data and Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. I have used Nero to do the burnning. The Verbatim disc’s seem to function alot better than the Ri-Data discs but both skip through out the entire movie.



Is this problem only with double layer or single layer also …
Have you tried the backups in another standalone dvd player if so what results…


why did you start another identical thread? :confused:


Double layer only, single layers work fine


So that I could get more recommendations from people who other wise only read certain forum folders.
I apoligize if this is a problem.


it’s actually against the forum rules and is known as cross-posting. a moderator will most likely merge the two thus negating any addtl exposure you wanted.


I haven’t had the chance to try other stand alones


Just trying to make sure its the standalone player and not backup method, media etc


Panasonic introduces 2 new DVD players: DVD-S29 and DVD-S77

I would like to know if anybody has tried to play in the new Panasonic DVD-S29 a movie recorded in the DVD-Video format (VOB files) with Nero 6
on a DVD-RAM disk with a LG GSA 4163B writer for example ?
Does it play fine so like burned DVD-R or DVD+R and DVD+R DL ?


I have had the same problem. Single layer OK, some problems with dual layer. This is with a Sony stand alone player, not recommended.


Might help if you posted what media you were using and whether or not your lazy arse set the booktype to DVD-ROM before burning?