Best Standalone 1:1 DVD Burner?



I was thinking of buy a standalone dvd duplicator to copy straight dvd’s without having to use my computer. I have been seeing several around. I don’t know which one to get. I saw some with the pioneer A08/108 and some with A09/109. Which one would you say is good out of these or others?



A08/108 definitely


Would you say this one is good enough. The model says DV-ILY-DVDBKP108 which the P108 means Pioneer 108.



i dont know much about these copy boxes but you cant go far wrong with a 108


Okay just got my ILY standalone dvd copier. It has an asus dvd 16x reader and a pioneer 108. It shows that firmware for the Pioneer is 1.18. I don’t know much about the 108 and its media compatibility. Though I did burn a disk using Ritek R03 8x @ 4x and 1 using Ritek RICOHJPN R01 4x @ 4x, but for some reason, when scanning, I get a spike that throws off the whole scan. The Ritek RICOHJPN R01 4x @ 4x had a lower PI\PO than the R03. Maybe I am wrong, but maybe both of this media brands suck for this Pioneer 108. Any suggestions on a brand of disks to use on the Pioneer 108 besides expesive TY disks. Take a look at one of those disks shown below. I don’t know if my scaning is off with the Pioneer 109, but the Aopen 1648 isn’t much help either.