Best speed for movies....?

Is it better to burn movies at 4x or 2x? Nero won’t let me drop down to 1x so I have only those two choices.

as long as you can burn it with good quality, it doesn’t matter

my DVDROM drive reads my 4X burns at 11X, which is more than enough for playing movies. DVD players read disc even better.

I prefer writing with 2x

I prefer writing at the higest speed allowed by the writer and the media. My informal testing has shown that the quality of the burn does not improve by writing at lower speeds, but it sure does waste a lot of time.

At 2x all my movies work perfectly…while at 4x results are inconsistant…try whatever works best for you…

To Live is to Burn

for me it makes no difference, the movies are working perfectly at 2 and 4x.

i burn at 4x… i dont use nero to burn though… i use dvd decrypter… i even burn 4x with media rated only at 1x… plays perfectly on my dvd players… and dvd roms… so i stick wit wat works…

Nothing above 4x I have a 16x dual layer and my movies skip above 4x, dvd +R all the way for media type as well better performance…

I used to burn at the MAX speed but had way too many coasters :eek: so I lowered my writing speed to 4X and seemed to clear up most my issues :smiley:

Time to get a better DVD burner im afraid most quality DVD burners will burn discs at 12-16x and still have no problems reading back. BTC dont make greatest drives this could explain why you have to burn at such a slow speed.

It can also depend on the DVD player as well as some have pretty poor drives in them.