Best source drive for ripping/copying?

I have had nothing but trouble with my Sony DDU-1621 just reading/recognizing DVDs at all to even think about using it as the source drive for copying to my burner.

So, what drive is best to be used for reading discs for copying/ripping purposes? Another brand of DVD-ROM? A cheap DVD-RW?


I would stick with DVD-RW drives. Unlocked BenQ DW1640/50/55 and LG 4163/65/67/H10/H12 are all very fast readers, with ~16x DL speed. Use MCSE to increase their reading speed.

I can’t tell you which is more reliable. I use BenQ first, and on a very rare occasion [1 out of a hundred, maybe] when it fails to read a disc, I switch to LG which sometimes succeeds, sometimes doesn’t.

Thanks for the reply. No one else has suggestions? I am getting frustrated with this seemingly simple search; all the “good” drives people recommend are no longer offered or not in stock anywhere. So suggesting those really does me no good. Then I look at later revs from these same manufacturers only to find out that they are somehow inferior to their older models. Arrggh!

Benq’s are excellent, but It seems my new Lite-On LH-18A1P is at least as good as a reader :slight_smile: I haven’t ripped an actual dvd-video on it, so I don’t know if there are any limitations there but for transfering data it does quite well no speed drops.