Best Solution for BD-RE and Packet Writing?

I currently am using DVD-RAM Type 4 cartridges for archival storage. We have several applications that write files on a daily basis for storage, then when the cartridges are full we store them. Unfortunately I’ve run into some recent issues with InCD which I was able to solve with Sonic DLA, yet I wonder how long it’ll be before DVD-RAM is EOL’d. Once that happens I’ll need to either keep spare drives around to read my archives or convert them to a new medium.

My question is this, is anyone here successfully using BD-RE for archival storage? I’ll need to allow applications to write directly to the drive letter using UDF or whatever format the Blu-Ray burners use.

Anyone have a paticular model of Blu-Ray burner that they recommend?
Any suggestions on software to use/not use for BD-RE packet writing?

Anyone see any future issues with using Blu-Ray (BD-RE) as a medium for long-term storage?

We’ve avoided changing for the moment, but the cartridge-style drives are getting fairly scarce. The SW-9576 drives I have now can still be purchased but I wonder for how long. I could put off this change for another 6 months to a year, but then I may be forced to make the change suddenly, and I’d rather get something going before that happens.


Nobody using BD-RE for archival storage out there?

[QUOTE=spliner;2416384]Nobody using BD-RE for archival storage out there?[/QUOTE]

The cartridge Drives furnished as OEM were discussed here at the forum last a couple of years ago. Here is that thread in case you are interested.