Best Software?

Hello I am new to the forum!

What is the best software for DVD / CD burning Nero?

Copying DVD’s?


This is a loaded question with at least a million different answers. Do a search and some reading and you’ll find what your looking for. But IMO, Nero is a great start along with DVD Decrypter if you can find it. And it’s free.

If you go to the software forum you will find out what everybody is using, Here . DVD shrink and DVD decryper are good FREE tools, however I believe the best solution right now is DVD Shrink (Free) and DVDFAB (About $50.00). The newer DVDS coming out are using new copy protection that DVDFAB can handle. The other good thing about DVDFAB is when you buy it you also get lifetime free updates, and trust me with new DVD copy protection you will need those updates.

For general DVD and CD burning on discs that don’t have copy protection I use Nero 6.6.

Hope this helps

True to a degree. Only true untill someone drops the hammer on DVDFAB like they did with DVD Decrypter. Then your out the money. :a

I can’t believe you guys aren’t talking about Slysofts AnyDVD. It has great updates, backs up everything and you can’t complain about the updates or the price (39.00USD) and for what it does it is the best on the market. Maybe someone knows a downside, if they do I would like to know what it is.
I realize its just a decrypter but along with Shrink you can’t have better combo.

What everyone said is true, all of these programs are good. If you want to learn what you’re doing before you spend money, try dvd shrink or dvdrebuilder (much better quality) to compress dvds. If you need something to strip away the copy protection try dvd fab decrypter or dvd decrypter (no longer supported but still useful). After you done all of this then you can burn with Nero. (get Dvd decrypter here) rebuilder DVDFab Decrypter

After you’re comfortable with what you’re doing then you may want to buy some software for more features and to support the companies.

alan is absolutly right. AnyDVD is a great program but I was just trying to keep it on the free side until joe got a little more familiar with how things work. Once that is done, then you can spend some money if you so choose.