Best software to use in my case?

I know i should search and all, however i want a personalized opinion on this.

What software should I use for burning DVDs and CD’s, Mostly i backup movies, and burn data dvds that are usually backed up stuff from my computer, or episodes i’ve downloaded of tv shows.

so fari 've used nero 6 ultra and nero 7, and have not had a great experiance with them.

If you’re looking for burning DVD, CD for backups, VSO’s CopyToDVD has worked well for me. I make DVD backups of my hard drive (you have to drag/drop files, so it isn’t automatic, but once you make a list of what folders you want to back up in a document, you can do incremental backups fairly easily by selecting “date modified” in each folder you previously backed up to see which files are new) and it will take care of your audio CD needs as well.

Now, if you are also speaking of software to make backups of your encrypted movies, I would recommend Slysoft’s AnyDVD as the decrypter and CloneDVD2 for processing the movie titles. I’ve found this solution far superior to my previous favorite (1clickdvdcopy) and it’s been the only set of programs I use for this purpose.

I used DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter at my dads (he is the king of backing up movies haha). Is that a good combo, is there better?

How about if i wanted to make those TV Episodes i’ve downloaded watchable on a DVD player, what would you recommend then? i’ll take al ook in to any dvd

If you are familiar with DVD Shrink and have used it a lot, keep using that to compress the video onto SL media; for the newer encryptions, use AnyDVD with it for the decrypter, and you’ll be good to go. DVD Decrypter was a great decrypter, but you’ll need AnyDVD for the newer encryptions.

Alright i got AnyDVD.

Can i use this to make AVI files playable on a DVD? sorry for asking so many questions, i am an absolute NEWB at doing all this. =)

however trying to backup RV, DVD Shrink says “Invalid DVD navigation structure.”

Edit: Using anydvd first removed alot of the protection… awesome. ^^

wondershare video to DVD Burner is also very nice
just hava a try