Best software to split AVI files



What is the best or most used AVI splitting software? I never split video files before but now I need to backup some of my home movies that I captured of my camera. The AVI’s are about 9GB in size.


I don’t know if it’s the “best” but I use virtual dub:

It’s free and does the job, although there is a learning curve to using all of it’s features.

I’m curious as to whether it can handle a 9GB file, I’ve never tried anything of that size.


AVIDeMux is pretty good at handling AVIs too.


VirtualDub MP3-Freeze version is what i recommend as the standard VirtualDub can have issues if your using a XviD (.avi) file with MP3-vbr audio in it etc… if your using .avi with .ac3 audio then the standard version of VirtualDub will be fine.

with this application you can split and join .avi files.


I tried VirtualDub but nothing shows up in the timeline. Maybe the file size is in fact to large. I’ll try VirtualDub MP3-Freeze and see if it works.

EDIT: It works now. I think I had an older version or something.


So using one of these programs would I be able to cut an Avi and use any part of the avi if I want ?

Would I be able to :
Take a scene from minute 16: to minute 30: in a movie and save it as an Avi ?

Let me know, sounds interesting


Yes you can select any point on the timeline and save it to a file.