Best software to burn ISOs

May be a dumb question but I’ll take the risk.

I made some backups using either Clone DVD or DVDShrink (plus ANYDVD in both cases), ending up with ISO files. I need to decide how to burn them. Is there any important difference between software like DVDDecrypter / CloneDVD / Nero ? I’m speaking about differences that can affect the quality of the recording, not just fancy stuff in each software.

I made some coaster in the past, so I feel that selecting the best recording program could help me avoid that in the future.

Any suggestions?

I normally use DVDDecrypter to burn iso images, it’s a little simpler than Nero, and always works well for me. Not that nero doesn’t work well, but it takes more mouse clicks to get there.

Nero doesn’t support burning ISO to DVD. I use MagicISO to burn iso image to CD and DVD. It also works well for me.

Yes it does…Just Select “Burn Image to Disc”. Nero supports .nrg, .iso, and .cue image files.

BTW, I usually use DVD Decryptor to burn iso images.

I’d endorse the use of DVD Decrypter. It also has a verify option for DVD formats.

Personally I prefer discjuggler save for dual layer .iso burning in which case I use Dvd Decrypter. However, both nero and decrypter are fine for single layer too.

Same here its great and they work in tandem (shrink and decryptor) no need to load the other yourself after a write is done.