Best software player to read damaged disks



What I want to know is simply what is the best software DVD player to use to read damaged / scratched DVDs ?. I use Win DVD and power DVD but both are not good at reading (skipping over) damaged areas of a disk, they just get stuck and I can’t even drag the slider over the area which seems to be giving trouble most of the time. What I’d really like is a player that automatically starts skipping areas of a damaged disk and starts to play from the earliest possible location readable. Any of you guys know of such a player ? I cant imagine why these players simply cant skip over damaged parts like in normal (hardware) DVD players :a . I mean it is just a matter of skipping over some data right ? you can have an algorithm to start skipping over small parts and that doesn’t work skip over large parts (I think players are trying to read every cluster one after the other) :confused:


I know for music that Plextor was great at scratch recovery.

I think for DVD’s that the Lite-on 166 (see my sig) is one of the best I have seen for being tolerant of scratches. I never tried damaged disc recovery with it though.


best thing might be to rip the dvd as iso to hard drive. play dvd from a virtual drive


At the moment I use DVD decryptor with hardware and software retries set to 0 and rip them on to the hard disk, but still that takes a lot of time if the damaged area is bit long (I’m not talking about 100s of MBs of corrupted data, even to get over 5 ~ 10 MB of corrupted data it takes a lot of time). What I cant understand is why are PC DVD ROMs so sensitive while the same disk can be played without any trouble in a DVD player? Players skip over the errors with corrupted video on screen and few cracking sounds and that’s it, so why cant the same be done with ROMs ? I mean a PC is more versatile than a player right ? so you have more control over the ROM.


You could try the VLC media player from I know it plays corrupted files, but not sure about dvd’s.


I tried that url (interested in the plays corupted files thing) but it didn’t work?