Best software package to make copies on dvd and/or cd discs?

I’m confused. Which software package makes the best copies on dvd and/or cd discs? Is that:
Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator
Nero Burning ROM
RecordNow Max
Padus DiscJuggler
Instant CD/DVD

Thanks in advance

For data…

From that list you made, I personally feel that Nero is the most comprehensive to use all around and simplistic in nature. However, for professional advanced options, Padus DiscJuggler always has made available and will probably in updates give options none of the other software will.

To simply copy movies… just go with CloneDVD.

Keep in mind there is no best as all this software is user dependant and diff people will think diff things. Which is why I started the sentence with I presonally feel. I hope that helps somewhat.

As Xtacydima already said, there’s no real “best” when it comes to this kind of programs. So here’s my criteria: what are your criteria for a good program? Userfriendlyness, features, speed?

I concur with xtacydima. Every proggy has its perks.