Best software for printing dirctly to cds (HP Photosmart D4560)




I’ve just bought a HP Photosmart D5460 after my epson stylus photo gave up the ghost.

Anyway I’ve found that the HP cd printing software is severely lacking (in comparison to Epsons. I’ve tried using Nero but I can’t get the center hole small enough also I’ve tried using the epson software but obviously it isn’t aligned. It’s a real shame because what does print is excxellent quality and very quick.

So basically I am asking for advice on good software to design and print directly to a cd top (not interested in printing inserts) One of the functions is that I need to be able to make the text go in an arch.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Try Sure Thing. They have a download for a test before a buy.


:)Wow! that was quick thanks, I’ll have a look:)