Best software for Nec 2500

So whats the best coping software to use…


Is there any good free software around???


The 2500 does not care what software you use, it’s entirely up to personal preference.
If you are talking about backing up movies, DVDShrink is by far the best for the price. It’s free.

for backing up DVD movies, i use smartripper and Intervideo DVDcopy pro

review intervideo dvd copy

I purchased X Copy Platinum and have only had 1 successful backup out of 7 attempts. I tried using the Simple (Xpress), Advanced and Rescue modes. The software gives me a message that states “Backup Completed Successfully” and then ejects the disc. However, it is unreadable on everything I own, including the NEC 2500 which burned it! Very frustrating since there are no error messages to give you hints as to the problem. The 1 successful backup I did plays on everything in the house, so I know it can work…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I’ll be submitting a separate post later.

I took a suggestion from the 321 Studios Forum and tried using DVD Decrypter to finalize the discs, but that didn’t work either. Since then I’ve been using DVD Shrink in conjuction with ImageTool/DVD Decrypter and have been 100% successful. The backups also play on everything I own and I’m using cheap discs that came free with the X Copy Platinum (I’m hoping that might be part of my problem).

Save your money and try DVD Shrink. You’ll need 10-12 Gig of free drive space if you use it with ImageTool/DVD Decrypter, but by the time you get ready to burn your image you’ll only have a few minutes left in the process and you should be able to burn multiple copies if you wish without repeating the entire process…big perk as I see it.


Thanks everyone for the advice.

Much appreciated