Best software for movie only to DL

Hi everyone

I am a new member to the forum though I have found it a very good place for hints and tips in the past, so thanks for that.
My query is concerning the best (combination) of software for backing up some of my DVD collection. I want to burn the film only onto a DL blank. I have AnyDvd: CloneDvd: DVD shrink: DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn plus the trial CloneCd software.

I think I read somewhere on this forum that CloneCd is preferred because it maintains the original layer break, but CloneDvd seems to me to be the easiest programme to extract the movie only files, I have the trial version of CloneCd but can’t see how to just copy the movie files? Any ideas :confused:

Many Thanks Terry

if you’re taking the movie only, preserving the original layer break is pointless. original layer breaks only are original if you’re copying the whole disc.

if you truly want to preserve the original layer breaks anydvd and cloneCD.

if you want to remove features and mess with the structure then anyDVD and CloneDVD. for a while ImgBurn was better at reinserting layer breaks in non-intrusive places, and I still use ImgBurn to burn DL media out of habit, but I think CloneDVD2 is fine now for DL burning.

just remember that if you use CloneDVD you’re not preserving the original layer break.

also to answer your last paragraph, I don’t think there is a way to just copyt the movie files with CloneCD. it copies the whole thing which is the exact reason WHY it’s recommended for DL use.

Hi reasonsnotrules

Thanks for the info I thought it was something like that but not knowing much about the theory behind layer breaks etc. I thought the original break would be kept anyway with certain software.

regards Terry