Best software for editing camcorder mini dvd's?



Just wanted to get your opinion on the best software to use to edit mini dvd’s from my sony camcorder…I just want basic editing, be able to add a title, and then burn it to a regular dvd. It would be nice if a dvd authoring program came with it.



The best one is the one that comes with your camcorder, it’s on a CD and has everything you ever want or need to do with your mini dvd recording. you name it and it will do it.


I personally use Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 and Pinnacle Studio 9 Plus.

I’m sure someone will chip in with other commercial and free softwares.


Actually, the software that came with my Sony camcorder was very poor and had limited usage. Regarding Ulead software, I know that some people have had a problem with the MPEG2 being reencoded and the audio not matching up, etc. But if you’ve had success with that (editing, adding titles and being able to burn to a regular dvd), perhaps I’ll try it.