Best software for dvd burning



what is the best software for dvd burning ?
what do you use ?
what media and software would you suggest for burning audio and video files with Pioneer 109 ?
seeking for best quality
thank you


well i use different software, i use dvd decrypter for decrypting the dvd and to save it to my hard drive, then i use clone dvd to recode it so it fits onto a standard dvd and then nero 6 to burn it to disc. Its really a matter of opinion, others won’t agree that all that is the best software to use as there are alternatives (free ones at that). So you may also hear about dvd shrink (does the same as clone dvd but its free).


If it’s to back up my own DVDs I use DVD shrink then TMPGEnc DVD Author to burn them, if it’s a video file sent to me by a member of the family abroad, usually avi, I use Main Concept to convert to a format readable by TMPGEnc DVD Author and then use it to put in chapters and to burn the disc.

As crusty says it is a matter of opinion. For example I would never recommend nero as I have never been able to use it, and so can’t give it a personal recommmendation. Have a read through the DVD Movie back up section of the forum and try some of the software and see what you can use.


First I run my movies through Dvd Shrink. If this has problems with copy protection I rip it to the HD with DvdDecrypter in file mode then use Dvd Shrink. After Shrink has done it’s thing (sometimes I shrink the whole DVD and sometimes I choose movie only) I burn it to the media with CopytoDvd.
Works for me on every movie I make a back up of.


Nero, no doubt about it


DVD rebuilder using CCE. It can be a pain to setup initially, but worth it.

A decent guide is here:

An installer that installs everything except AVIsynth is on this page (about halfway down):

CCE basic addition is limited to 2 passes and costs $58, but even at 2 passes, it retains amazing quality compared to 1 pass apps.

A downside is that you can’t edit the titles before you encode, so a program like DVDremake (I use CloneDVD) is needed to remove anything you don’t want on the DVD.

It also takes a while to do its thing. From beginning to finish on a 2 hour movie is usually about 2.5 hours on my AMD64 3000+.


I like DVD Shrink, and then Nero to burn. Never had any problems with that combo.


I like using either CopyToDVD, 1 Click DVD Copy, or DVD Shrink.


Remember one thing Nero sucks for DVD encoding!!! :eek:
DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are the best free programs and in most cases you aren’t going to see a quality differences for backing-up DVD movies. :slight_smile:
What hell its free give it a shot. :slight_smile:


DVD Shrink uses Nero’s burning engine, you have to have Nero installed for it to burn anything


Thats why you save as ISO and burn with DVD Decrypter.


Just my opinion, I’ve tried them all. I use CloneDVD with AnyDVD, these are not free programs, total cost for both is 59.00 in a package deal. It’s easy to use, AnyDVD is a driver that works in the background and removes the copy protection, CloneDVD is the transcoder and burner in one. This is the only program that I am aware of that you can have movie only without all the rest of the crap, and by merely 1 mouse click you can add or remove the menu, no rocket science needed her folks. I like the feature for chapter selection. It’s help file is very good and suggest you read it before attempting to burn.

Both companies are outstanding with upgrades, especially AnyDVD. If a new copy protection comes out, an upgrade is available in hours to remove it. You will see James from the Slysoft team on the AnyDVD message board to help with problems.

There are many choices, try experimenting with several, some are free, others offer trial versions, you can then decide which one is best for your needs, abilities, and what you feel comfortable using.


I am new here but if you mean strictly burning then use Imgtool, it’s the best. Don’t waste money on anything, if you have Imgtool you don’t need anything else. I don’t mean to put nero down, but I haven’t had any luck with burning DVDs, unless it’s strictly a data DVD. People say try better quality disks, but that is a myth. (Imgtool burned them fine, when ALL others failed, nero, decrypter …) For transcoding and authoring I would give shrink certainly a try as it is easy to use and fairly good quality when the compression is at or above 70%. However I have been experimenting with Rebuilder with QuEnc/CCE lately and it has better quality with lower compressions; however with Rebuilder you can’t reauthor so can’t get rid of extras if you wanted to (you can reduce their quality but…). Between the two you should be able to get good quality copies of just about anything.


RDJT, since you must rip anyway, why not reauthor in DVDShrink and save with NO Compression? Then point DVDRB at Shrink’s output and let it do its thing. Or use TitlesetBlanker or VobBlanker to selectively blank extras and preserve working menus. Then open DVDRB.

BTW, some people are laboring under a misconception: Transcoding (a la DVDShrink, Rejig, etc.) is NOT the same as re-encoding, e.g. DVDRB. As good as DVDShrink is at light to moderate compression, it can’t match DVDRB on long movies.


I agree with itzbinnice,

Anydvd & Clonedvd works great for me & does every thing i want it to do, the updates are second to none. :bigsmile:


You know I never tried that fritzi, just because it never hit me. Thanks for the tip. I agree quality wise DVDRB is better, just takes much longer. But it makes sense that re-encoding would take longer than transcoding.


and get real shit quality


I let you know when I get shit quality. :slight_smile:


Don’t need you to let me know


Well that maybe what you get but thats not me!!!